Fungal strawberry plants and runners

clyleJuly 26, 2014

Hello everyone, I bought a batch of strawberry plants from my local garden center and the entire batch had bad fruits with curling up leaves. I'm led to believe they are infected by mildew or some sort fo fungal issue

After I removed this container from my existing batch some of my origin plants have now got the same issue.

My main question is, I have a lot of runners from my original plants that are now infected, are these plants and runners no good or can the plant and runners be saved?

I would hate to throw out lots of strawberry plants and not use all the runners.

many thanks,

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I think you need to be more specific about the disease and its symptoms on your plants.

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theforgottenone1013(MI zone 5b/6a)

A photo will definitely help. And you might want to cross post this over on the Fruit forum.


Here is a link that might be useful: Fruit & Orchards Forum

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Hello, I grabbed some pics today.

The symptoms of the plants are:
Strawberry fruits looking like they have grown with splits on them
The leave are curling upwards
Now the runners have started to curl, but only on the plants which have curling leaves.

I have added some picture.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

If you only bought them recently I'd take them back. If you've had them a while and not planted them out they will be stressed and susceptible to disease. I'm a cheap skate and would probably try to revive them by removing any fruit, planting out and watering copiously but counsel of perfection would probably be to burn them. The curled leaves look like thirst to me.

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Could the thirst, could be trace deficiency, could indeed be fungus, powdery mildew.

Wondering if the stems and/or runners are turning black.

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I bought them many months ago, the leaves seam to have a powdery underneath. If the main plants cant be saved do I need to destroy all the runners also, I have so many and I was hoping to grow more for next years plants.

They have been well watered and some of the others that are starting share a bucket with healthy looking plants. I would like to be able to at least save the runners.


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It sounds like a fungus...which is (probably) an opportunist due to stressed conditions. Treating with a fungicide and correcting dryness or wetness or whatever other environmental stress made them susceptible to the fungus in the first place.

However, that's a definite guess and please don't take it as authoritative.

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