How many onions for one plant?

aaaaaaaa(6)July 25, 2008


I planted few onions early spring. It was healthy, however there was big rain on Wed evening/night and by next day onion leaves were all broken/bent-- say destroyed. I decided to pull them out. I was expecting bunch of onions per plant as in the case of potatoes. I am and was surprised to see only on onion per plant!!! Is this natural? This is the first time I am planting onions, potatoes. If this is how it should beÂwell, then it is ripping off by nature.



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One onion per plant unless you have a multiplying type.

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1 is the loneliest number, but it is the correct number, However, you can plant onions so close together that the mature onions almost touch each other. They are not an unproductive crop.

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reba_nc(z 7)

What you want is potato onions. You might be able to trade for some here. The cheapest commercial source I have found is Park Seed.

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One bulb for common onions that are grown from seed - the first year. The second year it shoots up a big seed-stalk. If it survives another winter after that second season, the bulb may well divide.

The nature of onions, given a chance, is to divide the basal bulb. Usually, though, it's simply the one bulb into 2 or occasionally 3. Potato onions are the so-called "multipliers", which do a lot more than that in one year.

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fishymamas(z9, So. CA)

Yep one. Figure out about how many you use in a year, plant that many seeds using a 4 inch spacing in a block and let them grow.
Example, I use 1-2 onions a week, so I plant 65 white onions, 20 purple ones and a whole mess of garlics, they plod along without much from me, while I tend to the fussier plants.

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Beeone(4 N. Wyo.)

Again, for "normal" onions, one per plant. Plant onion sets to get away from the hassle of planting and tending seedlings, which is difficult. You can plant to the correct spacing and they jump out of the ground.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

You could try shallots which multiply and are easy to grow.

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Yes, and/or walking onions.

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