Help! Droopy plants after heavy rain.

Kian00sh(6)July 17, 2014

I live in Brooklyn, NY, and have a few pumpkin plants, tomatoes, and peppers in a raised bed. I'm doing square foot gardening and filled the beds with Mel's mix. My pumpkin plants were really doing well until this week. We got about 2-3 days of heavy rain and yesterday evening, the leaves on the pumpkin plant started to droop and wilt. My pepper plants also drooped a bit and the leaves on one of tomato plants has curled up. One of the pumpkin plants has a leaf with faint white spots which I fear might be mildew or fungus. Last night I tried to aerate the soil a bit using a bamboo stick and this morning I sprayed the leaves lightly with a very diluted mix of Neptune's Harvest.Today we have low humidity, sunny skies, and temps in the 80s so I'm crossing my fingers that they will bounce back, but is there anything else I can do?

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That happens after few rainy days when sun finally comes up. In most cases they will recover on their own. If you really worry, you can make a little bit of artificial shade to help them to adjust to the sun again - I usually use large cheesecloth.

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Thanks, galinas. We had a lot of clouds over the weekend so I thought that would give the plants some time to bounce back. They have perked up a bit, some better than others but the tomato plants have continued to curl up (the entire branch, not just the leaves), although one did set fruit. This morning, to my horror, I noticed that the edges of the leaves of several of the plants have black/brown edges. Is this just stress from all the rain or a bacterial infection? Should I pull these plants up so it doesn't spread?

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howelbama(7 NJ)

That's probably physiological leaf roll on the tomatoes due to the excess moisture. It shouldn't effect production much, if at all, but the affected leaves will probably stay that way. New growth should come in normal.

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