Pre-sprouted plants -- how to plant them gently?

mbat(6)July 5, 2014

Someone on the forum advised me to pre-sprout some parsnip seeds -- and I am thrilled with the results: lots of little preemie parsnip seeds. But now I am uncertain as to how to get these into the garden, they look so tender. How to you plant your pre-sprouted seeds?

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Peter1142(Zone 6b)

Try to get the entire soil ball into the ground without disturbing the roots of the plant, try peeling off the pot them are in. This is why I was unhappy with the peat pots, they did not degrade and the roots stick to them it is impossible to get them off without harming the roots. But it sounds like you have some tiny seedlings. Don't really know anything about parsnips.

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Actually they are just sprouted on paper towels, so they are "naked" little preemies. Any ideas would be welcome.

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Make a groove in the soil, dampen it, and gently drop the sprouts in the groove. Sprinkle dirt over them and wet it again.

If you cut the end of a drinking straw into a wedge, you can pick them off the towel

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I pre-sprout parsnip seeds, too. Handling them is a challenge, but they survive when dumped into a pie plate and sprinkled into the furrows. I like the straw idea, though.

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I overcame my concern and planted the pre-sprouted seeds today. There were so many, I did not have the energy to plant them with a straw (though that was a good idea). They seemed to be hardy enough to bear being picked up from the towel where they were sprouting. I'll let you know how it goes. I will be glad to know if parsnips can be planted this late in my zone!

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