Crazy cucumber

uscjustoJuly 10, 2013

Over a month ago my burpless cucumber plant produced 1 cucumber and 3 female flowers (which wilted and died).
It might have been stressed out as the leaves wilted and some leaf area turned brown. And I saw no new flowers.

But I still cared for it and recently the weather got into the 100's and I still watered regularly and kept up with the mulch.

There has been a ton of new growth, including 10 female flowers. No male flowers that I can see.

How can I have cucumbers without males? And if no males are needed, how come some female flowers go to fruit while others wilt and die off.

See photo. 1 female going to fruit and maybe 1 female that is yellow and might die. Thanks.

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What variety is it? If it's parthenocarpic, that's what they do. They produce unfertilized, seedless fruits.

In theory, at least.

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I have a Burpee Burpless Hybrid and was wondering if it was parthenocarpic. It looks a lot like your cucumber and also has tons of female flowers but I haven't been able to find one male flower. Does anyone know of a reputable site that would tell me about this variety's pollination requirements? The Burpee website it not particularly helpful.

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Burpee burpless hybrid for me.

But if its parthenocarpic, why don't all the female flowers turn into fruit? Why do some yellow and wilt away?

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Well, now I'm hoping to get some nice cukes just like you. As you say, it could be some kind of stress that makes the flowers wilt and not produce fruit, or maybe just because they are parthenocarpic not all of the flowers produce fruit (maybe it would be too much for the plant to handle, so they abort some of them???). I have no idea. I'm continuing to Google this, but not finding anything useful.

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usc - that's what I'm contending with at the moment, too. No fruit setting. Wondering if I got the right seeds.

But your question was asked here a few years ago, and the answer was No. That variety isn't parthenocarpic.

Here is a link that might be useful: burpee burpless hybrid

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So if the burpee burpless hybrid is not parthenocarpic, and I have no male flowers, how did I get 2 pollinated females to grow into cucumbers?

Anyway this cuke I have seemed to take off when I watered more and gave it some fish emulsion with kelp. Tons of new growth. I just hope more of the 10 female flowers I see get pollinated if it is not parthenocarpic, or grow into cucumbers if it is parthenocarpic.

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Do you have a neighbor growing cukes?

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No neighbor veggie gardener a that I know of.

I suppose pollinators could have cuke pollen on them when they visit my flowers.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

There is nothing you can do about it. But if you look ver carefully, you might see a male flower too.
This is why having more than one plant can improve your odds. I plant several hills and there are usually two plants per hill so I end of having maybe 10 plants. So, statistically there are always male flower if there are females. In addition, I have more than one variety. This again improves the odds. As I am not interested in collection seeds, I don't care which plant is THE FATHER..hehe

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I had a companion cuke. It died a young death at the hands of some slugs.

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I have three of the Burpless Hybrids and checked very thoroughly this morning... no male flowers but a TON of female flowers.

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uscjusto - Is your variety perchance the Burpee SWEET Burpless Hybrid?

There are a whole lot of cukes on the Burpee site with "burpless" in their name, but I can't see one specificially called "burpee burpless hybrid." The SWEET burpless hybrid, otoh, is described as having mostly female flowers, ie it's at least semi-gynoecious.

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