Zucchini- no female flowers

atrox(7- N. Atlanta, GA)July 18, 2014

Hello! I had 6 zucchini plants this year, 3 I started from seed and 3 bought as seedlings from a box store, and in total, my 6 plants produced about 2 female flowers (which I tried, unsuccessfully to pollinate by hand from the available male flowers). I've been growing zucchini successfully now for the past 15 years and have never had this problem before (although I am at a new location before and this is my first garden in my new boxes). Does anyone know what can cause this to happen?

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new location, new soil, new boxes... that's a huge side note. Even I get frustrated when people tell me to test my soil left and right, but that's only because growing up growing veggies involved soil, sun, water and heat. Knowing the most intimate ingredients and characteristics of your dirt was a step you just left to nature. Maybe you added some apple cores or banana peels.... :)
But seriously, I guess finding outs what's up with your soil would be my advice. After all, if you're hand pollinating and that's not working, then it just sounds like the plant isn't getting what it needs to grow zukes. I have about 6 plants also, a few crookneck, tomatoes, cukes, beans, peppers, herbs... even a few eggplants just for fun. Don't expect much from them lol

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

What causes it to happen is a stress of some sort for the plant. Those possible sources of stress are many but sufficient but not too much water, good environmental conditions, and plenty of available nutrients are the two most common causes.

And since sufficient water is easy to supply that leaves over-watering (which most do), poor environmental conditions (cooler and wetter than normal as it is for many this year), and lack of nutrient issues.

So what has your weather been like? How much sun exposure? What and how often have you fed them? What soil mix are you using in your containers? How big are the containers? How much and how often are you watering? Same as in previous location may not be needed and habits are hard to break.


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atrox(7- N. Atlanta, GA)

The boxes are 4x10x1 ft. I used a mushroom compost mixed with coarse vermiculite and peat moss. I neglected fertilizer this year since the compost was new. It was very wet in May and these boxes are getting less direct sun than my previous gardens. So, I am guessing all of these factors could have been my problem?

All of my veggies seem to be doing a little less well at this new location than I've previously grow (lower yields and disease problems earlier than I've seen before). Unfortunately, this new house has limited areas with really good sun exposure (I planted a pepper and a tomato in the front of the house yesterday where there is great sun... waiting to see if the neighbors complain).

I am wondering if I try again with zucchini in the same location next year or save the space for other veggies?


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