Bush Crop Cucumber issues

rmsiegelJuly 4, 2013

So I planted a bush crop cucumber about 1-2 months ago. It was growing great, tons of flowers And bright green. We had a storm and I made the mistake of not moving it under cover and since the bottom of the plant has been dying off. Also, the cucumbers will start to grow and shortly after they will start to brown and shrivel up. Any advice on how to fix this.

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Also you can see the melon mildew on the leaves I believe

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Lastly another image of a cucumber that was growing fine for about a week but looks like its dying now

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murrow1105(5b - Indiana)

Are you sure the cucumbers are being pollinated? Sometimes they can get pretty big before dying off if they haven't. You can pollinate yourself if you don't have any bees helping you out. I pollinate mine in the mornings with a paintbrush.

I can't help you with the leaves. Sorry!

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That plant is dying, you can't save it. Powdery mildew all over, and it's not happy in that container. I'm not familiar with that variety, but it's certainly not a bush cucumber.

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Yup. Powdery Mildew. Throw them in the trash and don't reuse the soil for susceptible replants.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Is it possible your pots do not have drainage holes? If they do not, when it rained, your pots filled up with water and it had no place to go. Therefore, death by drowning.

If you know better than this, I apologize. My neighbor across the street had this happen with tomato plants in a half whisky barrel this year. He's an M.D.

The other possibility that comes to mind is that your pot might be too small. I have grown bush cucs in pots successfully, but it takes a BIG pot (18" in diameter or bigger) for ONE vine.

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