Slightly bolted spinach- OK to eat?

bananastandJuly 2, 2013

My spinach was a total bust this year. Started out teeny, then immediately bolted. I haven't gotten to eat any of it. When it started to bolt, I pinched developing flowerheads off. Then this weekend I pulled it all because it was starting again. I salvaged what leaves I could. Can I eat them or will they taste bitter?

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It depends, eat it and find out if it is acceptable to you or not. I've never had a problem with bitter bolted spinach though, lettuce is another story.

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Yes but you may find it bitter. Cooking with white wine willl help reduce the bitterness.

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weedlady(Central OH 6)

If a raw leaf tases bitter to you, try blanching the leaves first in rapidly boiling water for 30 seconds and then into another pot of boiling water briefly. That's how bitter wild greens are handled in order to get rid of some of the bitter principle. ('Course, spinach greens are a lot less durable than dandelion greens!)
Just a thought. Of course, anything composted is never really wasted! :-)

I always plant Swiss chard in addition to spinach. Slower-growing but more reliably tasty for weeks beyond the time spinach has bolted.

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