GW/IVillage Has Made Me 102 yrs. Old!!

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)January 20, 2006

Hi Gang,

Has anyone looked at their member profile lately? I happened to peek just now, to refresh myself on what I'd written some time ago.

Well, I recognized everything except my birthday, the month & day were right, but they changed the year from what I'd written to 1904. So that makes me 102!!! Gee, I don't look a day over 49!!! (I must be better preserved than I could have ever imagined!)

You'll might want to check yours too! Pls. report back should you find any surprises.

(PG) Karen

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

Seems today that I am older than I feel too:-(

Same year so they must have reset something and 1904 was the default setting. Or maybe they want us all to be the same age so we have more to talk about:-) You know.... aches and pains!!


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lunamoon(5 MA)

It says that I was born in 1904 too....

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Where do you see it? My member page only has the month and day, not a year, so I suppose it's somewhere else.

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Hi Jen,

They are talking about the information page that one's edits for information to show up on his or her member page. There it has one's birth year.

Well, I'm the same age as I was three days ago so I guess it doesn't happen to everyone. I am still a new years Day baby. lol


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Yep, I'm from 1904, too. I don't remember ever telling them my year of birth, so what Diane said about 1904 being the default setting is probably it.
I see my gender is "gender". heehee

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deefar(zone 5 NY)

All my info is correct but what happened to my gold star, it's not there anymore.


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lunamoon(5 MA)

No gold star for me either. I guess I wasn't good....

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