What does GPS 911 mean?

Mentha(9 CA)January 13, 2006

I was wondering because I am trying to replace my husband's cell phone. We got one off of freecycle, and when I tried to activate it to his phone # they said it wasn't GPS 911 compliant. Does that mean that it is satelight visual? Talk about breach of privacy! I don't want some satelight taking pictures of me, or even knowing where I am for that matter grrr..

So now I have to try to find another phone that will work with our service.

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kjtessanne(8 Bryan, TX)

Perhaps this has something to do with the use of 911 with cell phones so that they can locate you? I think this is supposed to be a feature on new phones...not sure though.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Our government requires GPS tracking devices in all cell phones. Many states already have sought federal monies to enhance surveilance of private citizens for the purpose of determining "travel habits". Technology is already in place and in use that allows government, and likely private endeavors, to track and catalog every move of our phones.


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You're kidding! Well, I suppose America is pretty big. :-)

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Actually I believe this legislation stemmed from several crimes where woman were kidnapped and murdered. Their families were outraged that even though the women had dialed 911 on their cell phones, the crimes could not stopped because the police could not find them in time. Thus the GPS locators. However I do believe that this technologly, intended for good, could be abused and used for less savory purposes.

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It means that all Americans are in deep crap!!!
This is a great feature, however, by law; it can only be an option. This is the kind of thing that MUST be stopped before America turns into Nazi Germany. It is very unconstitutional, and illegal. Things are bad here! The cops just shot an unarmed man over 30 times here, for car theft! They had him stopped, and shot out his tires, then open fired on him, because he didn't get out of the car for over 30 minutes! They shot and killed an old deaf man because he didn't here them tell him to wake up and get off of the couch! They were looking for his son. They killed a man on a drug raid because they made a noise and the man went outside to check the noise. He had a broom...But it turned into an assault weapon after they killed him. His 12 year old daughter witnessed it all. The raid netted 1/2 joint!!!!!

You've hear of copy-cat crimes? Here, we have copy-cat cops! They hear about a crime, and then have to find the same crime here! Do you remember Columbine? Well, our cops found a plot to do the same thing here, and arrested a few kids. The cops had "evidence" that the kids were going to kill everyone in school...3 years later when they got to High School!!! There is no room in America for trigger happy paranoid cops!!! When they murder, they should pay twice the penalty because they are here to "Serve and protect", not kill for pleasure, or out of fear!

Louisiana no longer has the 4th amendment, (Not because of Katrina). Freedom of Speech is on the way out...Come on people! Wake up!

GPS 911 = another part of the Constitution that is now gone! Chipping away at the iceberg so no one really notices until it's gone. Vote to preserve the Constitution. It's what makes America the best place on Earth!

GPS 911...User option only!!! Great feature!

Now, I don't drink a drop and don't approve of DWI, but check this example of Texas law...
You can't be forced into taking a Breathalyzer. It violates the 4th and 5th Amendments. However, if you refuse the Breathalyzer, you lose your Drivers license. This violates the 8th Amendment...Cruel and unusual punishment. How can you be punished for standing up for your Constitutional Rights?

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Mentha(9 CA)

Unfortunately, thanks to the government which enjoys making problems so that they can fix them, we are already on our way to Nazi Germany. We have been since hippies turned into yuppies and took over our government.
Look at gun control, states where there are less gun control laws, have less rapes, murders, break ins, and hijacks because people can and will defend themselves given the chance. You wont find those statistics mentioned in mainstram media.
I could go on, but Ill get off the soap box, because freedom of speach is not allowed in most social circles. Ill leave the social commentairy to Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Matt Drudge.

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fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)

Guns scare me. I've got no stats to prove anything, except that they give me the heebie-jeebies: 100% of Shellies agree that guns scare Shelly. People go wonky with the guns, and then BAM! before you know it, someone's put an eye out.

But then, you know, I'm from NB, Canada. In New Brunswick, people with guns also tend to have a can of Alpine beer in the other hand.

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Here is a little gun control fact...
1. The Brady Bill was Reagan.
2. The ban on assault weapons was written by a republican and quickly passed through a republican majority house, and blamed on Clinton.
3. This hippie wants to keep his gun, and has never met a "hippie nazi". That's a new one on me?
4. The democrats didn't write any of the gun control laws that we now have.
5. Vote outside of the two "hate" parties.

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