Does anyone have a home made ground hog repellant recipe?

donnaroeJuly 12, 2014

We have large green tomatoes that they are eating like candy. The shoots of my pickles that are coming out of an enclosed area are getting eaten off. Is there a home made recipe that anyone knows works? I have a home made spray recipe for deer which contains eggs, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, etc that works pretty well for deer. But last year it did not seem to help the groundhog problem. Everyone here knows the work that goes into tending and making a garden. It all goes to waste when these greedy animals come to dine. I love nature, but this is too much!

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Groundhogs / woodchucks are strong hungry muscular aggressive rodents. The only two ways to stop them are impressive fencing and shooting. If you are in competition for the same food, and you need that food, you will know what to do. Other methods are not effective.

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Or an equally strong dog who loves to hunt. My dog makes short work of them. Can you borrow a dog for a few nights?

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There are not too many repellents that will deter woodchucks. And for vegetables, nothing. I feel your pain, every year I battle woodchucks, finally we put a 6 ft chain link fence around our veggie garden. For my flower beds, I use a repellent that I think is called Woochuck Stop, its in a red bottle, HD sells it and other places I'm sure. Thats the only one that worked for me, but I wouldn't use it on food items. Despite my 6 ft fence, I was finding my kale and cucumber plants eaten, couldn't figure it out. Then, I went out there early in the morning and found a tiny baby bunny in the garden, once he spotted me, he was able to squeeze right through the fencing and ran off. So, tonights project is to install chicken wire along the perimeter of the chain link fencing. Hopefully that will keep the little critter out, cute though he may be, the veggies are off limits. I'd recommend a fence or a dog.

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Fencing around, and hardware cloth underneath. Occlusion is the only sure-fire method to keep them from getting at your produce. Trap and release, kill, deter, etc... they will just come back, or another one will just take the last ones place.

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LaDonna Hilton

If you are wanting to permanently get rid of the whistle pig: watermelon bubble gum. I know. I thought my local feed store guru was trying to make me look stupid or see how gullible I was. Throw some pieces in the whole with one unwrapped he said. They can't digest it and it kills them he said. I did the live trap and release thing and of course they kept coming back from 5 miles away. Alas, I tried the bubblegum thing. Did it work? I don't know. What I DO know is I don't have any ground hogs. Can I say with 100% certainty that the gum killed them. No. Can I say with 100% certainty it was something else? No. All I know is I don't have whistle pigs anymore and I don't care how they came to be no more. But it has to be watermelon flavored apparently.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I heard juicy fruit works too. I bought some, but never tried it. Guess I will tomorrow. Too hot today. We don't have wood chucks or ground hogs, but we do have gophers, voles and rabbits.

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Great--I'll add to my garden chewing gum collection:
Juicy Fruit for the voles and Watermelon for the ground hogs!!

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If the burrow is on your property, run a pipe/hose from your car/truck/bike exhaust pipe and gas 'em. No muss, no fuss.

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