I got a new title!

fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)January 12, 2006

It's actually not as exciting as the exclamation point might imply :)

I am now the "Collections Administrator" at the University of Ottawa Research Center on Women and Religion. Sounds impressive, but what it really means is that I put crappy old books that no one will ever use in boxes to be sent to the National Library, and make sure that everything else is indexed and alphabetized. But it'll look great on paper when I apply for research grants!

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Congratulations! The more credentials and experiences you can list, the better!
I don't want to be mean or anything, but my first thought was that as "Collections Administrator" you might be breaking kneecaps for the campus bookies and loansharks.
Processing old books is MUCH better ;)

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fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)

LOL - you may not be too far off, Jen. I might just have to get aggressive to make sure that our Encyclopaedia of Religion collection stays where it's supposed to. The volumes tend to walk off every now and then :)

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Hi Shelly,

Congrats on the new title. Indeed, it will look good on a resume.


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fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)

Thanks, Larry - yeah, I'm pretty psyched. The next batch of grant applications goes out next September. I can't wait to add this gem to my app :)


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Mentha(9 CA)

You mentioned studying religions, is this for a ministry you're trying to join/start or missionary work or are you studying theology for another reason? I ask because my husband's dream job would be the Vatican's chief archivist, too bad you have to be a priest to qualify, ha! Being a librarian of almost any Christian college he'd be happy with, though. As long as he got to sleep in the book room he'd be happy.

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fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)

LOL Mentha - no I don't want to join or start (!) a ministry... although the latter might be quite profitable :) I only study theology as a sidebar to my actual field of study, biblical interpretation. And my interest in bib interp is mainly literary: how biblical themes and images and characters and plotlines influence literature and popular culture. Essentially, I just really like stories lol. I do all this from feminist and ecofeminist perspectives, so the Vatican really wants nothing to do with me :) Your husband seems like a fun guy, though. He sounds like my advisor, whose wife says that the only thing that might kill him is if all his books fall on his head. lol.

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"...and now, Shelly Robertson and the 700 Club..."

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Mentha(9 CA)

OOps I have to correct the last post,
My dh says, after reading what I'd wrote, He didn't want to be cheif archivist, he'd take over the Vatican and lock himself in the archives. If anyone tried to get he'd threaten to blow it up. lol
He wants to find the temple's furniture which the 'official' take is they don't have'm. If they don't have them, why did they once say they did? Oh well, we'll not solve the world's problems on an open forum run by a feme-business, hehe. I beileve there is a place for fem'nism, but it isn't the world's view on it. Queen Esther was what a fem'nist should be, a woman that, although she didn't want to, took the fate of her family, people, and country's needs into consideration, before her own fear.
My dad's parents were missionaries, and their parents before them also. Grandma & Grandpa also built a few churches in Belieze. His parents were missionaries in Burma and helped the Jewish people excape during WWI. My grandmother's parents were missionaries in China. I'd love to study theology and my family become missionaries. I hope you find a use for your theology study.
May you be like Esther, and use your courage, knowledge, and understanding for such a time as this...

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I agree, there are probably some amazing things in the Vatican, like all of the old library from Alexandria; goodness knows what's hidden there! Time to start learning Latin again!

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