No Respect!

ooojen(z4MN)January 20, 2006

I'm going ahead with Venetian Plaster in the living room. It's not as difficult as I was afraid it would be. I think all the experience I've had with tile adhesive, plaster and joint compound have made me learn to handle a trowel, which makes all the difference. (Not like I think I'm WonderTroweler, but the more you handle those things the less awkward they become.)

I just did one small wall last night after I got the stuff - about 40 square ft. I figured on waiting until I had natural light by which to work, but like a kid, I couldn't wait to see how it'd go & how it'd look.

I got the wall prepped, put another coat of primer on, troweled my little heart out and proundly showed my work to DH. He said, "So what are you going to do with it when it dries? Sand it down and paint over it?"

Yes, that's right. I'm going to spend a few hours sanding off the texture I just worked so hard to trowel in, and then I'm going to cover up those pesky tone-on-tone shadings with a coat of paint. ARRRGGGHHH!

Apparently he doesn't see Venetian plaster the same way I do.

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

Oh, that is a sin!! I know exactly how you would feel:-(

A little to "el fresco"? He's a man..... give him the benifit of the doubt.... He just assumed that you were going to faux finnish over top of it.... which does work, as I've seen it done.

Just curious, but how textured did you go? Swirls/pattern, peaks(like egg whites)or just a little texture to make the walls look older? A strong texture is going to invite dust bunnies to live on your walls!


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Hi Jen,

Well, I think you're right. Your husband was just a little insensitive. After going through all of that work and not asking him for any help, and having him making that insensitive comment, I don't blame you for being a little steamed.

Anyway, congratulations. I applaud your efforts and your confidence that you can do the job.

Have fun,


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Did you show him pictures of a finished product. I loved looking thru the pictures when I googled venetian plaster. It really made me think of Venice

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Nothing like putting me in my place, huh? Yeah, he's a man-- and not one with a creative decorating streak AT ALL. It's a little discouraging...but then, at least he puts up with what I want, even if he's not quite sure about it.

Most of the living room now has one coat, so I'm still experimenting. I have two coats on that first little section, with the top coat in sort of subtle arcs/half swirls. I think I'll go with that, though I might shoot for 3 coats toatal. I'm sure you're right about the dust issue! We have forced air (wood) heat, and dust is always a problem. We even get a bit of dust buildup on our smooth walls if I don't wipe or vacuum them regularly. In view of that, I'm keeping a fairly low profile on the texturing, and I'll probably apply a sealer, too.
Little peaks, like egg whites would be a killer for me, I bet! I've already scraped myself pretty badly a time or two on the plain old sanded plaster that the old part of the house used to have.

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There's what I get when I dawdle over my post -- I miss two more entries!
Larry- I really don't think he meant to be insulting; I think he really believed I was going to do something about all those surface irregularities. When it comes to decorating stuff, he's waaay inside the box. He didn't say much, but I don't think he was too crazy about the orange kitchen at first, either. I think he likes it a little better now that he has gotten some good feedback from friends. Hope so!

Toots D--Showing him pictures of the finished product would be a great idea. I should've done that before I started. At least he'd know I wasn't the only one who likes the effect!
('ve never been to Venice myself, though DD has. Maybe someday!)
But Oooo-- you had to mention Google images! LOL! Gosh there are some gorgeous examples! ...Now I'm wondering whether I could do a breakaway fresco over the sofa...

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Just wondering if your project is done and if dh has more respect for you

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Ahhh Jen! That's ok, we respect you and your work :) I made a snowman, well teeny snowfigure, sans gloves and OMG it was so painful and I spent the next 10 minutes screaming and crying inside about my hands. Anyway, point being I take a pic of it and I ge back a response about how funny it is that I made a "snow chicken." He was clearly not a chicken. And I know that was a joke! and actually it made me laugh really hard but really! respect for the art!

So yeah, how did it go?

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