New umbrella plant losing leaves! Please help!

cosmoekittyJanuary 21, 2012

Hi! I consider myself to have quite the green thumb...I have a diffinbachia that's about reached my ceiling, as well as numerous other houseplants. I've had an umbrella plant in the past, and I remember it being extremely hardy, which is why I decided to buy one from home depot when they were having a sale (10" inch pot for $10!) Anyway, when I brought it home about two weeks ago, I went to transplant it into its new pot (about 14", bamboo, and I had my husband drill a drainage hole in the bottom). It sits on a raised saucer stand to catch the excess water. When I removed it from its original pot, it was so root-bound I felt so sorry for it! I made sure to use moisture-rich potting soil, and watered it thoroughly including houseplant food.

It's been in its new pot about a week now, and it loses at least 5 leaves a day, maybe more. I watered it today, and it seemed every time I walked by I had to suck more water out of the drip saucer with a turkey baister as it was overflowing onto my floor. I must have dOne this at least 7 times (I wanted to make sure all of the root mass was getting water, but I didn't think that much would drain out!)

So, my questions are, why is it losing so many leaves? Could it be in shock from the transplant? If it is in shock, how long will it last, and will it regrow the leaves where they fell off? Why is it not taking up the water as well as i thought it would? If it isn't shock, what else could it be? There is no sign of pests or fungus.

Thank you in advance

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They don't prefer "wet feet". Take the saucer out from under the pot to eliminate standing water.

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