Has anyone used terra cotta saucers as pillar candle holders?

LibbyLizJanuary 18, 2006

I posted on THS! Soap & Candle (Making) forum about using terra cotta saucers as pillar candle holders, but haven't got a response yet.

Has anyone done this? What size did you use to catch wax overflow?

I'm wondering if a 3" diameter pillar candle would need a 4" diameter saucer, or bigger? Same with 4" (5" if they exist) & 6" diameter pillar candles: 5" (6") & 7" diameter saucer, or bigger?

I don't know how much room to give the wax overflow is the problem.

I don't like the flat plate & shallow-lipped 'dish' types in the store because I've had wax overflow onto tables & floors before & those holders just don't catch the wax.

I was trying to find clear glass hurricane pillar candle holders I could use in every room no matter the decoration scheme, but all anyone has are those for 3" & sometimes 4" diameter pillar candles.

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

Hi there

Yes I use them for candles (and many other things too)! I've never had much of a problem with the candles over flowing but I have a secret that I do to all of my candles and I try to but quality pillar candles. I like the textures, shapes and scents of the better quality candles.

Heres my secret to better/longer burning candles......I keep all my candles in the freezer for at least a week before burning them.(I just leave them in there for storage) Makes a huge difference on how well and how long they burn. A small tea light will usually burn for 8 hours or more after being frozen. Tapers and pillars don't drip as much and burn much slower too!

So.... My suggestion to you is to try freezing your candles and use what ever size saucers that you want. I personally like a few sizes bigger for pillars, but that's just the look that I want.

Good luck:-)

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I've heard of putting them in the freezer to extend burn life, but I didn't know for how long.

That's amazing you get a tea light candle to last that long just by placing it in the freezer! Normally they last, what, 2-4 hours, at the most?!

I have the tiny above-'fridge freezer that's packed to the brim right now & I have SO many candles.

I've been mentioning to hubby for years about getting a small upright or chest with racks freezer so we have fewer trips to the grocery store.

The problem with my pillar candles overflowing is when I let them burn too long & the circle of wax goes beyond where it should & it burns a hole through one side. I like letting my pillars burn for as long as my jars & votives do, which is hours on end. And I don't like all the wasted wax of a pillar when you're only supposed to burn them for so long each time.

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