Ponytail Age Limit

tisha_(z7 OKC)January 23, 2006

What's the cut-off age for wearing a ponytail? I feel like I'm getting alittle too old to wear one. I don't want to look goofy. LOL What's your opinion?

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jujubee(z7 central NJ)

I am 30 and I still wear one almost every day. I see plenty of women of all ages with ponytails. I think as long as you don't have it in 2 pony tails or ribbons I think you're fine (LOL). I have long hair so I am always looking for different ways to put my hair up. I have been using hair sticks lately. Now thay have all kinds of hair things to dress up your pony.

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

I think one of the things that made me think about it, was that one of the runner ups for Miss America totally had a ponytail (and not a very smooth one at that!) during the "Q&A" portion of the competition. That bugged me.

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IMO, it kind of depends on how high your wear your ponytail. Even elderly women don't look goofy if they wear ponytails down at the nape of their necks. On the other hand, anybody over 16 looks a bit silly (IMO) with a really high ponytail (I don't mean 1980's high-- only Gwen Stephani can get away with that -- but I mean the top of the back of the head thing.) I think in your 20's and 30's a "middle of the back of the head" ponytail still looks fine in casual situations.

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

I think Jen hit the nail on the head! No pun intended! LoL

I'm 43 and I live in ponytails during the winter. My hair gets SOOOO full of static that I can't bear to wear it down around my face! Back of the neck works for me. My scalp hurts if I wear a ponytail to high on my head.(and I think at my age it would be a bad thing.... like me in a mini skirt now, or god forbid, low rider jeans!!)(muffin top would be putting it very nicely lol) "Muffin top", for those not in the know, is what hangs over low rider jeans....(looks like the top part of a muffin!) kinda like "whale tail", which is the T shape of G-strings that stick out of the back of low rider jeans!

Pays to have 'in the know' teenagers sometimes:-)

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

Well, I actually have a ponytail today, because I got in the shower too late and didn't have time to dry any of my hair except for my bangs. LOL So, yeah...not very attractive. But, according to the new GardenWeb Ponytail Age Detector, my ponytail is in the right place. It's about even w/ my noise. Wait, does that make sense? It's in the same place on my head as my nose is, but opposite. LOL I think I'm getting more confusing.

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

LMAO! It's about even with my NOSE, not my NOISE. LOL

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I love them. I think they can be stylishly and classily done and look great one anyone. And I prefer high topknots!

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lunamoon(5 MA)

I think ponytails are acceptable for women of all ages. I also think that Jen makes a good point about the different types of ponytails at different ages. Personally, I usually wear my ponytail low just because I think it looks better on me that way. The only exception is if it is hot out and I'm doing something like exercising or gardening where I don't want the hair on the back of my neck. In that case, I put it up pretty high.

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I had a ponytail when I was 40 years old, but then I'm the guy. I had it low also. I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon and say that I think it makes a big difference where the ponytail is located on whether it looks good. I guess my feeling is the lower the ponytail the more conservative it looks. This is the same for a guy or a gal. I don't have a ponytail anymore. Long hair is just too hard to wash, so I decided to cut all of it off. My wife almost cried. It is now a half inch long.


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Tisha...You make me think of a retirement magazine I saw today while waiting for my mom's x-ray. Appearently a place in washington above Seattle is the spot to retire. And the picture leading into the article was a couple around retirement age. The man had long long hair-not in a ponytail. But the point is to me anyway-you can wear your hair how ever you want to. If it looks and feels comfortable to you, go for it.

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