New Pick-Up!

tisha_(z7 OKC)January 30, 2006

Well, we got approved for a new (well, almost new) pick-up. We got at 3:30pm to pick it up. I'm so excited!!!

It's a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 1/2 Ton Quad Cab. That's a moutful!

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Hey Tisha,

Congratulations! That sounds like any "sweet" truck!


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tisha_(z7 OKC)

Thanks! It's awesome. I left work early last night and we drove down and picked it up. We found it in Altus (where Keith's parents live, 2.5 hours away). It was a long night, but it was worth it. :-) It rides really nice too, it'll be great for trips.

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Congratulations! I love the ride in our truck, too (Silverado). The seats are about the only vehicle seats that I've ever found really comfortable -- even better than any living room furniture I've sat in! I'm rarely in it, though-- we only use it when we need to haul something.

Kind of a trivial question, but what color did you get?

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

The one we traded in was a Silverado. Keith thinks the seats in the Dodge are more comfortable. I disagree. For me, being short, the Silverado seats hit me just right. But, the Dodge seats will do, for sure. They're very plush too, which is nice.

The truck is black w/ dark gray interior. I think black vehicles are beautiful, but I'd never choose to have one myself. Too much work to keep them clean! But, Keith's had a black one before, so he knows the drill.

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Nothing like a new vehicle! I'm long past due but am still in love with my jeep '98. My dream is an H2 ... that's why it's a DREAM!
SO's got an F350 and it's like riding in a double decker bus after getting out of my jeep. It's WAY TOO BIG for me to drive with the capper on. I can't see a thing. But what an awsome drive!
Congrats Tisha!

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Fun Fun Fun. It is so exciting to get a new vehicle. It really is a big part of your life...transportation. I hope you new purchase turns out to be maintenance free- for the most part anyway!

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