My Bathroom, painting and favourite plant!

canttype(0b (Cold North))January 21, 2006

Combining a few photo's that I wanted to share once I got my new camera...... so

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

Here is the link. (I couldn't figure out how to place the link on the first message?)


Here is a link that might be useful: Diane's blog

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AndrewH(z8 Vanc. WA)

Diane, that is a beautiful painting! I like the faux finish in your bathroom.

A friend gave me a tiny Fatsia Japonica a couple years ago. Thanks to you I finally know what it is. I'm not having much luck finding care info for it though. Mine hasn't done very well and is barely surviving. It currently has two leaves left, though they at least look healthy. Could you share your secrets for caring for this plant please?

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canttype(0b (Cold North))


I'll try to help you out with your plant but it would be easier to know what conditions yours is getting.

The book says....
Temp.- Average temps - if possible cooler in winter. Avoid temps over 70.
Light- Bight or light shade. more light in winter.
Water- regular watering from spring to fall. Water sparingly in winter.
Mist leaves frequently
Repot every year.
Cut back growth tips to keep bushy.
Leaves yellow then drop. Cause: If leaves are wilted and soft - over watering is the cause. If the leaves get brittle - too much heat.
Leaves shrivelled Cause: Dry air or sun damage.
Leaves pale & spotted, leaf edges brown and brittle Cause: underwatering

I find this plant very tolerent of abuse and easy to grow. I hope this info is helpful to you.

Thanks for your nice comments:-)

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Hello Diane,

I really like your picture! I wish I had that kind of talent. I just don't have it in me.

I know what you mean about the cost of framing pictures. We have a picture above the mantel. It cost more than $100 to frame it; much more than the cost of the picture. And that was at a u-frame-it place.

I didn't know what this Faux Finnish was that everyone has been talking about. Thank you for giving us an example. That looks very nice. I can see what people like it so much.


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Beautiful, Diane! Even though Alberta is a long way from northern MN, the painting reminds me of all the lakes (large and small) in the area where I grew up. Neat!
Your bathroom looks wonderful! In the picture, it comes across almost like a metallic treatment, but that's probably just the light. It's very nice either way. (I had done the study in blue and white, but had to paint it over as we changed a few things & tore out a little rock.) I bet sage and white looks great, too!
You mentioned painting over a cabinet -- I want to ask you for advice on that. Our master bath was kind of Art Deco with black lacquer vanity cabinet (our only painted cabinetry in the whole house). There are a few nicks and spots, and I want to do something else with it-- not sure what color yet, but something lighter as I'm going to be going darker with the flooring. The original paint was sprayed on...can you get a decently even coat with a brush? What kind of paint did you use, and are you happy with the coverage and durability? If I use an oil-based paint, I'll probably wait until summer and do at least the doors and drawers out in the garage. If you have any advice, I could sure use it! Thanks!

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

Hi Jen,
Because your vanity is a shiny black, I would start by washing with TSP and then lightly sand it. Prime well with a latex primer and do whatever finish you had in mind. I wouldn't bother with oils as I usually varnish (either spray or brush on Latex varnish)with several coats to protect it. My cabinets are painted as above and have held up surprizingly well:-) I use glazes in my paint to give it some clearity.

If you wanted... you could use the black as a backgroud colour for your finish. Just wash and sand the black well before sponging or ragging...ect.Then clear coat.

Hope that helps you out Jen and thanks to both of you (Larry) for the nice comments on my painting


Here is a link that might be useful: example of what you could do over black (Traditional marble)

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