I'm steaming! - 'Stache strikes again!

tisha_(z7 OKC)January 23, 2006

Ok, let me set the scene...

You have a fairly easy going job. Not much stress, not a ton of actual work, really. You work 7 days a week, but only for about 3-5 hours per day. You get a company car and your gas is paid for.

Your brother's birthday is coming up. A week before, you have to drive to the same city in which your brother lives (2.5 hours away) for something work related. 5 days later, you have to drive to the same city, for the same reason. 3 days after that (a Saturday) is the day they are celebrating your only brother's birthday. You've been invited to go eat to celebrate your brother's birthday. You show some resistance and the suggestion of having dinner on one of the other days you're already going to be there is made. You don't seem too keen with that idea, so an offer of "I'll pay for your gas if you can come on Saturday" is made. You remind the offerer that you get your gas for free (paid by your company). An offer of "I'll pay for your dinner if that's the problem" is then made.

What do you do?

Well, if you're Keith's brother and SIL, you say, "lol thats not the problem. mark just don't wanna drive up there 4 times in a weeks time"

Is that a crummy thing to say, or is it just me?

I guess I can say, "Well, at least they're honest."

Good freaking grief!

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My goodness! That's really awful :(

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