foxykitten350234(z6)January 10, 2006

Here are pictures of some quilts I made recently.


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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Foxy, your quilts are all lovely. My favorite one is the one at the top. I love the pattern of both playful and resting kitties. Awesome job!

P.S. You should be receiving something in the mail by Friday!


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OMG, more cats! YESSS! I think the top one sprouted a real cat tail there at the bottom left. ;-)

You're good. Real good! Can I send you my son's denim & corduroy quilt pieces? I still haven't put a dent in it since the blood clot incident.

He got a down comforter for Christmas as a consolation prize though! LOL Now I have to find a duvet for it.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Foxy,

They're lovely, very nice indeed (& I'm a fellow quilter)! You've shown the 1st before, but I don't recall the 2nd & 3rd, quite fun.

May I ask if these are originals or done from kits? Am particularly curious abt the selection of fabrics, the combiniation of solid & yarn dyes (what's called in the quilting trade 'homespun')?

You inspire me to put up a thread of my own quilts, but I only recently got the pix & haven't yet learned how to re-size them. If you were the viewer, would you object to that?

Thanks for the quilting treat!

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Thanks, ladies!

GH, thank you! I will be keeping a look out:)

Liz, would you have expected anything other then cats from me.lol I do hope you are feeling better. How far along are you on your sons quilt?

Karen, yes, please post pictures! I would love to see your quilts. I personaly wouldn't mind waiting for large pictures to load and I'm on dial up.
Wow, you have a good memory. The first picture is a remake of this quilt.....

...which I have shown you all before. I loved the pattern so much that I had to make another one. All of these quilts are from patterns. I picked the fabrics. The quilt with the cream colored cats is done in flannel. I had bought a bundle of fat quarters at a quilt show a couple of years ago and just let them sit until insperation came to me. When I decided to remake that pattern in flannel I used that bundle and bought some more flannel from the local quilt shop.


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Mentha(9 CA)

Those are so cute, The top one's exactly like the one my mom made when I was younger. I have made one quilt, start to finish, it had stars of David in the corners and was a pinwheel in the center. I think, I'm trying to tell by memory, unfortunately I don't have a picture of it. It was sent to Israel for one of the bombing victims. I hand quilted it and had a shofar blown over it for a blessing. It took me three months to make.
I have another top I've made that is a seven sisters (7 six pointed stars) I also made these into stars of David. I'll have to take a picture of it. I can't figure out how to make it rectangle, it's quite a pickle, I may take the squares apart and make seven wall hangings.

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I'm sorry, but those quilts are so amazing they are just wrong! How do you do that? I've never seen ones that pretty except in books. How long did the one in the first pic take you to make? How long have you been quilting?
Last May I went over to a friends house and she taught me to make Rag Quilts in block pieces and I've made around 25 of them since. They were a big hit at Christmas! Since then I've bought multiple books and got many patterns for quilts but find them hard to understand because I don't speek "Quilter". I'd love to take a class however I work shift work and can't dedicate myself to a certain day of the week to take it.
Right now I'm staring at a pile of gorgeous flannel I picked up in hopes of expanding my horizons to a "Strip" rag quilt but am running into the same problems of not understanding the lingo and I'm not sure I want to sacrifice this beautiful material for what may turn out to be a learning experience disaster!
Geeze, I sure wish I had your talent!

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How far along am I with my son's quilt? Well, ummm, gee, hmmm... I have a bunch of squares sewn into strips that need sewn together to make the top. The corduroy for the back was washed & ironed, but I don't know what size block to cut them into to make the back.

Dear son thinks I should make the denim/corduroy quilt into a duvet cover for his down comforter! Is he nuts?! LOL

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Those are really beautiful! The color choices are really nice. I admire both your craftsmanship, and you dicipline!
The one and only quilt I've made was (Full or Q, I can't remember...fits down the sides of DD's TALL full bed, so it must be Queen) simple large squares of fabrics that were relevant to DD...leftover pieces from previous Halloween costumes, Christmas program dresses, etc. It was kind of fun, but of course it was pretty basic so it went quickly. If I take on a sewing project, I almost have to finish it with 3 or 4 days, or I get sick of it and it's hard to force myself to finish. Like I said, I admire your dicipline!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Well, what a fun thread!!!

Foxy, not sure abt the memory, but yes, now that you re-post the black kitties, I remember them well. How could I forget, our favorite 2 topics, plants & kitties or at least kitties on plant site, can't go wrong there!!

They're really very nice, you have a lovely color sense, makes for a harmonious blending of colors & shades.


Pls. don't be scared, just breathe deeply, go slowly & make sure yr. first project is a SMALL one. I think a lot of folks make that mistake, they start w/ a big project & lose interest & rarely finish them.

I always start small, make a sample block to see if I like & can manage the mechanics of the assembly & also, if I like the resultant look. I rarely make large quilts (bed size), mine end up being a good size to hang on the walls, which is what I do w/ all of mine.

To simplify the lingo for ya, try to go to a quilt shop & pick up a book or 2 so you can browse thru the glossary (or maybe try doing same at quilting sites online, if such is possible).

Basically speaking (I'm going to use Foxy's work as examples, so Foxy, if I guess something wrong abt them, pls. DO correct me).

I think Foxy's resting/playing kitties are in the form of appliques on top of pieced backgrounds.

Pieced together = what it sounds like, that pieces are literally seamed together side by side into rows & then the multiple rows, which are then pieced (seamed together).

Applique = applying a fabric (from the French 'Appliquer' = to apply) sewn ON TOP OF fabrics which have been previously pieced (seamed together).

Textiles & quilting are my other passion besides plants, & I'm VERY passionate abt this, have been a self-taught quilter for abt approx. 12+ yrs. Was a textile designer by training & education; learned to weave when I was small girl; did my own textile designs (silkscreen & batik in my teens) & in college.

I'd be happy to help anyone in any of this if I can & would love to try.

Foxy, sorry to digress yr. thread. I think yr. work is splendid & thanks for encouraging me to post my own work. Reassuring to know you'd be patient enuf to await for large pix to load (am on dial-up at home too, high speed in office). I'll have to try studying up on posting pix in the next few wks.

Pirate Karen

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Mentha, wow, you hand sewed a quilt! I'm not that good with hand sewing, I think I may be too impaitent for it.lol I would love to see a picture of the seven sisters blocks you have!

Chrissy, you are going to give me a inflated ego.lol I'm a self taught quilter. I started quilting in 98'. Back then I didn't have the internet or even a quilt book, I just started sewing pieces together. I ended up with a small lap quilt when I was done. The quilt in the first picture is the easiest of the bunch. Since I cut a few pieces here and there and sew a little bit here and there, I really couldn't tell you how long it took to make. I can tell you it took about an hour and a half to piece the top with the real kitties help.lol I agree with everything Karen suggested. I would also like to add if you can find the program simply quilts on HGTV you may want to watch it or record it. I learned quite a bit from that show. Also there is a quilting forum here at the GW's sister site, That Home Site. The ladies there are very nice and helpfull. I will put a link on this thread for you.

Liz, why not make the corduroy blocks the same size as the denim? Your son has no idea how badly he would roast under all that heavy fabric and a down comforter.lol I had a friend make that exact mistake.

Jen, you started out with a very big quilt! I still havent made a bed sized quilt. All of mine are throw size or wall hanging size. If I get sick of looking at the one I'm working on I put it away for a while and come back to it later. BTW I would love to see a picture of the quilt you made:)

Karen, no need to be sorry...this is a quilting thread and you were talking about quilting. The only thing you got even slightly wrong is the first quilt isn't pieced in rows. It is pieced in chunks that eventualy turn into three large rows. Don't ya just love my terminolgy..."chunks".lol
If you need any help with posting pictures I would be happy to help you.


Here is a link that might be useful: The Quilt Forum

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I know he'd be so hot, & I don't know if all teens are like this, but this one thinks he knows it all, that he won't sweat like a pig! LOL

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Yeah Foxy,

I liked 'chunks' a lot, funny!

Chrissy, if you read up on terms you could consider 'chunks' comparable to the quilting term 'blocks', blocks being sort of chunks of assembled pieces, which chunks are then pieced together into larger areas, exactly as Foxy did.

Thanks for offering to help w/ teaching me to post pix, Foxy, when I get to it, if find myself jammed up, I'll give ya a holler. (I feel a tad intimated by the whole thing, but have been a word processor for 18+ yrs., so I'm asking myself what's the big deal here to make me leary of learning this?)


I'm considering yr. dilemma ... you could applique yr. stars onto rectangular pieces of fabrics for the corner pieces. Your multi-pointed stars can be handled several ways, either applique them onto white or solid backgrounds & them seam them together or another more complex solution.

This more complex solution would involve tracing their outside edges, adding seam allowance to that & sewing them together. This (I think) is referred to as a 'Y seam' & insetting such. I myself am intimidated by this so I don't use them, cause imagine a 'Y' & then inserting a piece of fabric into the 'crotch' of the 'Y" (just above its stem, where it forks). If done by machine, it's done first by sewing one leg of the 'Y', then pivoting the turn at the angle where the legs meet w/ the machine needle left in place while one pivots the fabric. I've read a lot abt this, but personally have been too chicken**** to try it myself (BAD Karen)!!!

Lastly, you might take the whole project into a quilt shop & consult w/ them for help & ideas. I tried a consult like this recently at THE big quilt shop in NYC & got positive responses & good suggestions for my problem.

Oh Chrissy, the other key piece of info. is what a seam allowance is. Seam allowances are ALWAYS 1/4" wide, important to note if they're included on the template (pattern pieces to cut each shape w/) or not. Otherwise, the finished block will be smaller than planned & therefore may not all fit together correctly in the completed project.

Foxy, good to know abt the sister site; I must avoid it for now as too many other things on my plate. A quilt-in-progress which is bigger than any others I've done (approx 45" x 60" (& several others waiting in the wings to be finished). Also the prospect of a new job search, as my current job is not great for me psychologically, boss is somewhat abusive in his treatment of me, ACKKKK.

Bye for now; yours in quilting splendors.


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Well ladies,
I attempted to make my quilt last night, and screwed it up before I even really got started! Your supposed to fold the material in a particular way and cut strips of different thicknesses from that. Some I did right, most I didn't! Most are off by 4-6 inches in length so it's off to the store I go! SO and I figured out what I did wrong which was cut it from the wrong edge. I could have cried! That material is too pretty to sacrifice to this! Hopefully they have more at the discount store.
A BOO HOOing Chrissy signing off to go to the store

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Liz, you could always go ahead and make the demin and cord fabric into a duvet cover for that down comforter. That way he will learn real quick how hot it will be and then you can still turn the cover into a quilt for him.

Karen, glad you like Foxy's quilting terminology:) For some reason I had a hard time calling the sections of that quilt blocks.
Don't be intimated by posting pictures. If I can do it anyone can.lol
That sucks about your boss. Come on over to the quilting site. We will encourage you to finnish those UFO's and take your mind off of the days troubles:)

Chrissy, don't look at it as wasted fabric...look at it as scraps for another quilt! Check out the quilting forum. The ladies there would be happy to help you with any project and sympathise with you on the woopses. You can even read some threads on the big mistakes experienced quilters have made so you don't feel so alone when you make a mistake. I would help you on your currant quilt if I could, but I have never made a rag quilt.


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Mentha(9 CA)

Please, never mind the mess. We're packing for vacation and moving. It was modified from a wall hanging quilt called Rachel's Star. I made it a little more elaborate and into a seven sisters pattern. The spaces around the stars are a log cabin type of diamond, and the center is also a kind of log cabin.

This is the complete top as is. You can see how hard it will be to get the corners square. The problem is I have no room big enough to lay it out and cut out corners and edges.

Close up of the center 'square.'

All the other 'squares' look like this.

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Mentha(9 CA)

the link didn't work this is the center of the quilt.

Here is a link that might be useful: center

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


Dear Friends,

Pls. read new Terms of Service BEFORE POSTING ANY MORE PIX, otherwise you are forfeiting your copyright to IV w/ permission for them to SELL your pix.

See P. Pete's Post above for further details, & as I will first thing tomorrow read the new Terms.

Esp. you Foxy, w/ these wonderful pix you just shared.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Gonnna be FAR LESS pix around here, sadly,

(PG) Karen

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Karen, that is one of the reasons I'm posting my brains out right now.lol On the evening of Jan 23rd I will be naming or moving all my pictures in potobucket and I will be removing my link from my member page. This will break all my links with the GW and they will not have access or rights to my pictures. In the future I will only be posting non personal pictures that no one would want the rights to. Thanks for the warning.

Mentha, I think the "kind of log cabin" parts you are talking about may be a pineapple block. Your blocks are fantastic! The ladies on the quilting forum could probably come up with a dozen ideas to make your quilt top into a rectangle. Hopefully your new place will have plenty of space for you and your quilt to spread out:)


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Mentha(9 CA)

I am at my whit's end with this, I started it last summer to send to Israel, and have all but given up on it. It's beyond my capabilities as a first time quilt maker. I'm going to take it apart and use each square independently. I think the next time I attempt this one I am going to use a paper foundation. I took a picture of the Rachel's Star Quilt and since my printer doesn't work, I took some butcher paper and drafted out my own pattern. I'm afraid when I cut out the pieces, I wasn't as exact as I should have been, so some of the sides were crooked. You can see I had to add straps between the blocks to get them to fit. I guess that's the hazzards of drafting a quilt without ever making one.
My great grandmother made quilts and I remember her old quilt frame. She hand quilted everything. I helped once, when I was seven, that was the only time I helped, I messed up big time. She wouldn't let me ever help again. hehe.
Maybe if I showed you what I drafted it after, you can see what I was trying to do. I was trying to take the seven sisters pattern and use the idea of the overlapping Star of David as the six pointed star. Does that make sense?

Here is a link that might be useful: Rachel's Star

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I think I may have things figured out. I'm almost done sewing (rag quilts don't take long to make). I'm not sure how it will turn out. I cut my strips from selvage to selvage and they were supposed to be all 42 inches by doing that. They lied! I'm going to have to trim the edges because of that and likely end up with a long, skinny throw! Oh well, learning experience I guess. Besides, if it's not functional at least it'll look good on a quilt rack! I'd post a pic but I'm a computer moron!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Well Chrissy,

At least you're sorting it out. I'm not familiar w/ rag quilts, am curious to see. So what's wrong w/ the strips, are they too long?

Just so you know, generally fabric widths (standard goods) run 44-45" wide. Quilters usually trim off the selvages (figure 1/2" trimmed off from each side) so those same goods after trimming would yield 43-44" to actually work from.

The reason for this is that selvages edges are woven more tightly than the rest of the fabric & are likely to buckle or pucker if left on, esp. if laundered. Just so you know.

Well Foxy, I guess I jumped the gun on the warning (forgot abt Jan 24th), still, it's just enuf time for me to learn to post pix & then decide I ought not do so of my own works.

What kinds of pix to you sell? Curious minds would like to know. You appear/sound mighty talented!


I finally understood the plan when I saw the links to QNM (which I had to stop subscribing to 2 yrs. ago). Now, I understand, interesting idea, but looks dififcult for a newish quilter. I'd guess the angles & points of the log cabin/diamond shapes must be quite difficult. Good for you for trying a challenging quilt!!

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Karen, it is always best to know ahead of time. I do appreciate the warning. I sell historic scenic pictures. I have several of the Gettysburg battlefield, barns and lighthouses. I had one lighthouse picture that people were fighting over who was going to get to buy it. I have also photographed weddings.

Chrissy, long skinny throws are great for wrapping around your shoulders on those cold Maine nights:)

Mentha, I'm impressed with what you were able to accomplish with that quilt so far. It has a lot of "Y" seams that have been known to intimidate even experienced quilters. There may be a solution to your problem. Do you have a rotary cutter and a cutting mat?


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Hey PG,
Rag Quilting FYI, I've been told 'Isn't real quilting'. What you do is sew the blocks, strips, whatever it is you decide to cut your material into with the edges of the material together and on the top sideof the quilt. Then you snip the raw edges at approx 1/4 inch apart all over (takes forever!), wash it, dry it. Then you end up with these lovely frayed edges (esp with flannel) around your blocks or strips. It only takes me about 5 hours to make one that is throw sized. It's quick and simple and a good intro into quilting I think. If only I knew someone close by that could help me get into actual "quilting"! I bought 'Quilting For Dummies' and a handful of other books on amazon's 'used and new' site, but I'm still confused. I'm a visual learner ..... and a true blond! I couldn't even fathom making some the quilts in the pic's on this site.
BUT! On a positive note, my friend is trying to raise $$$ for her autistic child to get a special needs dog and asked me to make some quilts for her to auction off, of which I'm MORE then happy to do!

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Well, I got my son a duvet cover with shams at Bed Bath & Beyond for $39.99 minus tax, so he's happy. For now! LOL

Now to get back to the quilt, which he may get for his birthday in May, or if I procrastinate anymore, for his HS graduation in June '07 if he's lucky!

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Good deal on the duvet cover and shams! As for the quilt...you can do it Liz, I know you can! Ummm... just don't over do it this time. No more blood clots, okay?


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