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larry_b(Zone5/CO)January 5, 2006

Hi all,

There is a fixed to the Microsoft window's metafile problem that Margaret informed us about yesterday. You can either go to or the direct link is at the bottom:

Here is a link that might be useful: Window's Metafile Patch

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Hi all,

With this Window's metafile patch I think trouble with the security portion of garden web. I'm not sure what the problem as but I thought I would let everyone know what I am experiencing. Does not seem to be able to recognize me as a paying member. I'm getting pop-ups. It also has trouble with my birthday.

So, I'm not sure what to say. I think it's important to put the Microsoft patch on my computer but something with garden web seems to have trouble with the patch.

Just so you know.


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It appears that everyone is having trouble with Gardenweb and pop-ups. It has nothing to do with the Windows metafile patch. I was just over one the comments and suggestions and this is a problem that iVillage is quite aware of and are trying to fix.

This is only a garden web problem. I have been to numerous message boards and even eBay and have not had any trouble.


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Larry, I don't think it is the patch causing the GW problem. Late last night the GW did some serious work on the site and things have been out of wack since. There are people who have had to start new accounts to post, because they can't log in under their old accounts. Also you may have noticed member names are lacking capital letters today. What ever the GW was working on has mucked up the whole system. The GW has posted on the Suggestions and Comments forum that they are working on the problem.

Thanks for letting us know about the patch.


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Well, I now see you have found out the problem:) That is what I get for typing so


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