Broke Back Mountain

GrowHappy(z7 MD)January 5, 2006

I was wondering if anyone has seen this movie yet? It's already nominated for 7 Golden Globe Awards. I must say that I was surprised by this, considering the storyline. I can't recall any other similar movie receiving the reviews Broke Back is getting. At any rate, I want to see the movie, but believe it's only on the West coast right now. It may not even come to the EC, outside of New York, that is. Hope so, but, has anyone here seen it?


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Hi GH, I saw this movie a couple weeks ago and it was amazing. The acting was sooo nuanced and subtle and I was weeping at the end-not because it was corny, but because the actors conveyed the guy-wrenching agony of not having the luxury of being together. Not sure if "gay" things upset some people (I went to see hot cowboys! How shallow!) but by the end I'd forgotten about all that and only could think about how amazing the film was.

Also, the directing is by Ang Lee so the shots are incredible. I was blown away. I give it 15/10 and eight thumbs up.

It should start making the rounds back east from what I hear; I read that their distribution strategy is to slowly increase the number of theatres over time. They're opening it in Alabama, I read, so I would imagine that most of the US EC would get to see it. I really hope you do--it's worth it. I have plans to go see it a second time. I hope my tear ducts hold out. :(

take care,

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I don't know, I just can't seem to get interested in seeing this film, tho' I've read a lot abt it & see it's getting great reviews. It's been playing in the NYC area for a while now.

I think there was another thread here recently abt this where somone mentioned it was sad & painful all the way around (for both the cowboys & their eventual wives). Sounded like a lot of loss & pain, can't say I want to pay $12 for that kind of experience.

Besides I seem to only what escapist movies these days, I saw Capote, Friday of Xmas wknd, I saw The Family Stone last Friday, both were good (Capote was actually great, riveting performance, if P.S. Hoffman doesn't get an Oscar for that I'll eat my hat.) Family Stone was also quite good, funny, sweet, suprisingly & excellent ensemble acting.

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We saw it last night. It was really good. It was hard for me to watch the sexual scenes-not erotic that's for sure. It made me wonder if gay people feel the same way about heterosexual sexual scenes.

But it was not hard for me to watch their relationship grow into love. There were plenty of tender and warm scenes along with sad scenes about the struggle of these 2 men. There was great photography, music, acting and I am thinking about the story this morning. A big thumbs up for me and most of Madison I think. It is being shown in in one Theater on 2 different screens and it has been sold out every time for the past 10 days I think.

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Wow, Toots. Sold out shows say that folks really want to see this movie. I'm surprised, really. Were there mostly women going to see the movie, or couples?


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I would say mostly adults-from the looks of it heterosexuals and gays, couples, groups of women, groups of men, some kids. I would say it looked like a sophisticated crowd of madisonians. I sat next to a prominent local newscaster.

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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

I've seen only two movies this season, Narnia and Broke Back. I enjoyed them both, for what they were. Narnia was a kids movie--the kind of escapist fantasy story I would have enjoyed as a preteen. The evil queen was a perfect characture of the long necked Ann Coulter (evil!). Broke Back, I enjoyed because it is a great movie. I don't like feel bad movies but I didn't find it that way. It has a sad theme but paints it beautifully and I didn't come out of the theatre feeling sad. A quality movie is uplifting. The acting makes one realize how bad most other movies are.

The sex scene was so short you could miss it if you blink. It isn't an exploitive or in your face kind of movie. David Letterman can't seem to get beyond it being a "gay cowboy movie"--about men kissing. Geez, get over it.

I saw it in Palo Alto, near Stanford U. The audience was a movie goer audience--many older couples, all adults. It was late afternoon, so wasn't that crowded (and it was the bargain matinee!).

The anti-gay crowd is making a political issue about it. I guess the fact that it treats the subject without any pretense is what they find so irritating. Theatres in Utah won't show it due to political pressure. I suppose that will happen in communities all over the US. Too bad.

I also enjoyed the scenery of the high mountains.

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I was the one who said on the other thread (as Karen mentioned) that I thought Broke Back would be way too sad for me. With relationships that complex, somebody's (everybody's) going to get hurt. I'm glad it wasn't something to make the viewer go away feeling (entirely) bad. Maybe, if I get the chance, I'll go see it after all. I did see Narnia with DH & the kids, but in all I'm lucky to take in 2-3 movies a year in the theaters.
I was disappointed in Letterman being in such a rut too (yeah, move on and find some new jokes). I expect that out of Leno (my gosh, he hammered the same Monica Lewinsky joke out night after night for about two years running), but I hope for better when I change the channel.

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Personally I found the brief sex scenes very hot, but that's just me.

When I saw it, people had been lined up for ages before the tickets even went on sale and lots of people were turned away. It was a pretty even, I'd say, mix of couples (both hetero and gay) and singles/groups of friends (of both genders).

Jen--It's very sad. My friend and I were bawling through most of it. Still, it's so well done.
Re: Letterman
I didn't know that. What a moron. What Jon said: Get over it, Dave!!!!

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