I think I need a break

foxykitten350234(z6)January 18, 2006

Lately coming to the GW is like walking through a mine feild. You never know if you are going to run into our normal friendly discussions or if you are going to find people who are angry, outrageous new policys being announced or even people turning on eachother because the GW "staff" isn't responding to the multitude of problems. I have felt the need to stay informed about what changes are coming our way so I go read the Suggestions and Comments forum. That is a depressing and frustrating place. People jumping to conclusions, taking shots at eachother and there are the know-it-all's who insist they are the only inteligent people who can understand the written word. Then there are the beloved members who are just walking away and not looking back. I have looked at so many other forums lately in hopes of finding another happy version of our old GW, but that has been like searching for a needle in a haystack. This place is the best thing going at the moment. Part of what makes it so great are the people here. I feel like I'm watching a train wreck in slow motion and there is nothing any of us can do about it. I fear that we will all end up in little groups at a bunch of different forums and that bothers me greatly. I have learned so much here. I hope I have helped some people along the way. At this time I think it is time for me to take a break from all the comotion that seems to have run rampent lately. Maybe in some way this is my own little version of a protest for what the Village has done to us. Maybe while I'm gone the Village will wake up and stop trying to distroy this wonderful place. I can dream can't I:) At least I hope to come back to find everyone is still here and is working around the new rules. If ya'll run away from here would someone at least leave me a fowarding address so I can find you?

Thanks for the good times everyone. Feel free to email me any time.


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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Foxy, you're in my contacts, so I will keep in touch definitely. Besides, I need a tour guide for my next trip to PA.:) We must do Musselman's together in the Spring. Oh, and Dana's too.:)

Love Ya!

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Do whatever you're comfortable with, but remember you don't have to make any long-term committment either way.

Personally, I've avoided the S&C forum for just the reasons you've mentioned. I don't want to read about the frustrations.
No question that things on GW aren't as good as they were. Candy bars aren't as big, or as cheap as they were when I was a kid, either. That doesn't mean I can't still enjoy one now and then. The Interstate system between the spot where I live and the nearest big towns used to be a breeze to drive-- very few vehicles- put 'er on cruise and go. Now it's constant traffic, and somewhat less relaxing to drive...but it's still a pretty good road system. Things change, some for the better and some for the worse.

The happy version of GW came from US, the members. (Not everybody was always happy with the way Spike did things, either.) I think it'll be a shame if many of the old timers and frequent contributors leave because the place isn't as good as it once was...we are a good deal of what the place is.
...but, you know, whatever (Aquarian assesment;)
If it's not fun for you, there's no point in spending time at it.

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