American Idol, anyone?

tisha_(z7 OKC)February 16, 2006

It's down the the final 24 and now I don't know who to vote for!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pickler. She reminds me of one of my good friends who is really the nicest person I've ever met, even though she got stuck with two bums for parents.

I feel like I have to vote for Ayla, just because of her name (ECFans, anyone?).

I dig the gray haired guy, because he reminds me of Joe Cocker (How has no one on the show made that connection yet??? Or did I miss it?)

I love the little guy whose head looks like Chicken Little, even though...I'm sorry...but can you really get like a recording contract with a lisp like that? I am not saying that to be mean, becuase I LOVE him, but I just mean realistically.

I love Madisa (sp?) I mean, what more can I say? LOVED her speech to Simon. LOVED Simon's reaction.

And finally there's Melissa McGhee. She has the same last name as's even spelled right!!! What if she's related to me??? I have to vote for her too!

What do I do???

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

You vote at least once for all the ones you like, but you vote twice for your absolute favorite. :0)

I think they brought up the Joe Cocker thing during the auditions. I was really surprised he made it that far, like Simon I don't think he has much commercial appeal and the spastic movements scare me just a little. But good for him and hope he does well.

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