fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)February 15, 2006

I was marking papers in front of Oprah this afternoon (never a good idea, let me tell you that right now - I was all like "Who cares what that painting of Achilles is! Some kid was an internet porn star!" Students don't usually like those kinds of comments).

Anyway, did anyone else see it? About that sweet little kid, who become an internet porn star? What a brave guy. If that were me, I'd just want to crawl up into a hole and die, not head out to the Oprah show. That kid is about 47 different kinds of courageous.

The most shocking thing to me, though, was how much Oprah and that reporter were surprised. I mean, doesn't *everyone* know that this stuff goes on?


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I saw bits and pieces of it, while older DD was watching. I'd seen some news item featuring that same kid several weeks ago. I agree; he's got loads of courage!
On the bit I saw, Oprah seemed almost belligerant grilling him about how he could think these people were his friends. Geez, wasn't she ever a kid?
It is shocking how organized the creepy kiddie-porn folks are, but yeah, you'd think anyone living in the real world would have an idea that they exist.

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

I'm going to watch the rebroadcast at 11 tonight. But I know what you mean about Oprah. I wonder if it's all a big act? She seems surprised at everything she does a show about. I'm willing to bet that she doesn't watch any TV other than her own show. Because if she did nothing she does an episode about would 'shock' her.

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fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)

Yeah, you may be right MBT.

Another thing that bothered me while watching the show was the parents. Now, it seemed clear to me that his mother loved him, and I don't want to call that into question; and of course it's impossible to keep tabs on a 16 year old kid every hour of every day (although, that said, I also have to say that if my kid rented another apartment, I hope that I would notice). But when I was 16, if I'd told my parents I wanted to jet off to Las Vegas for a convention with my friends, my parents would have made A TON of phone calls before even considering the idea - to the friends, and the friends' parents, and the hotel, and the convention center. How did they manage to miss the fact that none of the friends were going to this convention?

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)


I saw the show last night and I had to shake my head at the whole thing. The parents were dumb for not knowing it was happening and Oprah either plays dumb or is dumb. Anyone who watches any of those news magazine shows should know that this stuff has been going on since webcams were invented, heck all you have to do is ask an honest adult or teenager who will speak frankly with you.

What really got to me was the 'surprise' at the fact that the pedos were teachers and lawyers and affluent people. Why is it such a shock? Do people think that pedos really look any different than the rest of society? You know it's not only the drifters and the homeless guys collecting cans in the alley that can be scary people.

"You mean it was people with professional jobs that were showering this kid with money and paying the monthly fee to objectify him? Go figure!"

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