Happy First Day of Spring!

GrowHappy(z7 MD)March 20, 2006

Although it really doesn't feel like Spring. I'm waking up to temperatures just above freezing! It's 34 degrees in Baltimore right now. Brrrr!


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It's in the teens here :(
...but it is supposed to hit the low 30's for highs most of the week, maybe even 40 by the weekend.
At least we have our plants, right? Happy first day of Spring to you too!

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Brrr to the first day of spring. It did not feel like it at all except for the sun I should say. Well, the days are longer too. So yes yes to that happy first day of spring.

I bought some seeds (herbs that I hope to plant indoors soon) at my favorite nursery along with worm waste in a disposable pop bottle. It's a spritz sort of thing so the bad part is worm waste mist on your hands and windows. My favorite nursery guy said his plants love it.

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

My windows are rattling and the wind is howling around the house and it sure doesn't feel like spring to me. :0(
But that hasn't stopped me from planting some things indoors. Outside it's cold and windy inside is spring with things growing and making promises of flowers to come.

Boooooooo to spring outdoors and yay to indoors spring.

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fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)

Did anyone celebrate the equinox? As I huddled under a blanket marking midterms yesterday, I was picturing all the pagans and neo-wiccans who would have been doing ritual outside.


All's I can say is, the State U of Arizona had better be hiring when I graduate :) I don't want to deal with many more northern winters.

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