shriveled leaves on bush green bean seedlings

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)July 27, 2009

I went to check my bush green bean seedlings. I have 8

in a 10 gallon container. They're divided into two "rows"

and there are 4 bush green bean plants per row.

When I went to look at them today the bottom pair of leaves

looked shriveled. These aren't the pair of true leaves; the true leaves have just started to develop.

Is this something I should be concerned about? If so what can I do to treat this problem? If this is a problem and the cause of the problem is due to the weather being too cool, there is unfortunately nothing I can really do except to put them in full sunlight; I have already put them in an area that pretty much receives full sunlight for the duration of the day.

The reason I'm asking is because I've never grown bush green beans before. I don't know where the "fruit" or "blossom" of the bush green bean seedlings develop.

The rest of the plant, including the stem and the pair

of big leaves it has, plus the true leaves that have just started to develop a few days ago look perfectly healthy

and they're thriving.

Given what the weather is like where I live, which is

cool and breezy currently I'm surprised that my bush green bean seedlings are growing as well as they are because I know green beans are a warm weather crop and don't like

weather that is too cold.

Another question I have although it has nothing to do with the original topic is should I thin out my bush green bean seedlings? I've been debating doing so. However I'm reluctant to do so because the type of green beans I have are bush green beans which means they are designed to be more tolerant of being spaced closely together and designed for container gardening. If I were to thin them I would do 4 bush green bean plants in the container I have

as opposed to the current 8 I have. The reason I'm asking if I should thin them out is because I know overcrowding is bad for a plant and makes them more vulnerable to diseases and it stresses the plant out. This makes the plant more likely to die something I'm trying to avoid.

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What you're seeing are the cotyledons. They sustain the seedling until the first set of true leaves appear, and it's normal for them to shrivel and die.

As for thinning them out, I grew bush beans 2 seasons ago in a square foot garden. I planted 9 per square foot and they thrived.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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