67 tomorrow

tootswisc(z4/5Wi)March 10, 2006

Someone told me it is supposed to be in the sixties tomorrow. I went out to the garden tonight. Garlic was my mission-still under the mulch. My shagbark hickory looks like it has grown over the winter. Why did I plant that apple tree where I did-just plain stupid! Seasons come and go so fast-I still have my Christmas decorations up outside-now that is stupid!

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But I think it is going to rain before I hang my sheets out to dry. This morning it was fabulous but the clouds have rolled in and the temperature dropped.

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

Oh Gosh Toots, I thought you were talking about a birthday!!! '67 tomorrow' doesn't mean much else to us Canucks:-)

+19F or -7C here right now and I am green with envy!!

Enjoy the day!

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Boy, things sure changed in a day, didn't they?
We had 50's yesterday, but today we've got a foot of snow and nasty howling winds!

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Oh dear...a foot of snow. We had flurries here but very high winds. I took someone to the clinic today and a little old lady held the door for us. The wind gusts nearly blew this helpful hand away. We have friends in Springfield Illinois that just missed being hit by a tornado. But on never the less, the pair of ducks that return to our pond are back.

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We had robins and a red-bellied woodpecker. I felt sorry for them!

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