Chicago flower and Garden show

tootswisc(z4/5Wi)March 15, 2006

I was going to ask for prayers to help me today but non were needed. Our senior group had arranged for a bus trip to to Chicago. We did not get enoough people to sign up so we canceled the bus. So we rented a 15 passenger van and I DROVE US TO CHICAGO! That's right, 10 little old ladies and myself took off at 8 am. What was I thinking when I agreed to do this? Fortunately I did google a few maps. I had to drop a few riders off at the field museum, then a few more at Water Tower Plaza and finally 5 of us at Navy Pier. Parking the beast proved interesting.

Well, I must have done OK as they gave me an $8 tip and asked when we could do this again? I returned back home at 9PM totally impressed with myself for navigating thru Chicago traffic in a beast of a vehicle while putting up a cool as a cucumber front. And the flower show was great-I got a varigated jade along with another jade, a flame pencil cactus and an itty bitty orchid-total cost was $12. Alocasias with hosta's might be a new theme in my gardens-why not spend landscaping dollars on future houseplants!

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

You are soooo brave to take on the monster van and the little old ladies:-) (never the less Chicago!) Sounds like you had a blast!

Hey, the tip almost covered the cost of the Orchid, bonus!


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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

How much was it to get in? Did they have a lot of nice plants for sale? I went once many years ago and couldn't find anything I really wanted but this year for some reason I'm itching to go. I may go on Sat or Sun if I can drag my lazy butt out there, it's not even very far but it seems like a treck in when I feel lazy.

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fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)

Toots! You had an adventure! A road trip with little old ladies. It does sound like a hoot!

Thelma and Louise!!!!

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It cost $12 during the week and $14 on the weekend. Going the last weekend might be a bit of a drag as the flowers might be a bit spent and also the houseplant selection that's for sale will be down. I went several years ago and thought this years show was better. But someone on our trip was disappointed compared to last year. There were lot's of great deals on orchids but one vendor said he had a much better selection last weekend. You could purchase very lovely plants for $12. And the cacti selection was unbelievable.

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Aw, man, I wish I had known you were coming. I was there all weekend the 1st weekend helping my club member at his booth. Were you all able to stop by Out of Africa? He was selling african violets and other gesneriads. Maybe you saw me. It would have been cool to meet you.

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Yes, I remember his booth. I was there on Thursday. That would have been great to meet you. I wondered if I was running into gw'ers. I bought 3 little cacti and an itty bitty orchid. I only had about 2 hours to spend there but really had a great time.

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