sahm2ae(z7VA)March 25, 2008

Since I've been lurking on here and asking the occasional question, I thought it'd only be polite to introduce myself. I've been working on gardening outdoors since my husband and I bought our house almost four years ago, and getting frustrated with all the deer eating my plants, I decided to focus on the inside of my home, where until six months ago, I had no plants. I've been trying to pace myself, and kept only two plants for several months before getting more (Norfolk Island Pine and Croton), and am just excited at getting to the double digits in plants (which is still intimidating thinking about the hundreds of plants some of you have). My four year old daughter is just as excited about plants as I am, and even wanted her own gardening supplies, which she now has. My two year old son just enjoys digging in the dirt outside. I hope to get to know you all, and one day have half as many plants as you do!


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