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friskoApril 22, 2007

I am looking for a place to order houseplants on the web. I am from Canada so this place should be in Canada or if it should be in U.S. then I would need it to be able to ship to canada.

Do any of you sell houseplants on this site.?

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plantastic(zone 3 prairies)

I don't think we're supposed to do that.. anyhoo, I also am in Canada. My experience is: order from the few sites in Canada. Ordering from the States for an individual is almost impossible: if you did find someone willing to sell, like Logees, the cost is enormous as it includes a Phytosanitary Certificate. Plus rush shipping. Then once it reaches the border it sits and waits for Customs Officers to examine the box.I would never do it again.What kind of plants did you want? Suggest you just google "house plants Canada" or similar and plod through the listings.Also you have to consider if it's warm enough yet to send through the mail.

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Frisco, another option is to go to They'll be a window where you select location..(at least there was last time I went there) From there on, browse through houseplants or whatever plant you want to purchase..Goodluck, Toni

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