Re potted peace lily, now black tips?

katsols(7b)April 10, 2012

My peace lily was a bit root bound so i loosened the old soil and roots gently and re potted it to a one and a half inch +-bigger pot. Not all, but some of my lilies leaf tips started to turn black, not like little yellow at first and then dries to brown but straight up black. What's going on?

p.s. i used fafard potting mix soil and i mized into it some perlite and a pinch of sand.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry, this is posted in the wrong area for responses. Pls. re-post to the 'Discussions' area next door as it were (see top of this page).

These plants don't mind being rootbound, next time, I'd leave it alone until roots start coming out of the bottom of the pot.

Repotting during bloom can kill the blooms -- that MAY be what happened here, repotting while in bloom likely killed the blooms.

What kind of sand did you use & why (pls)?

Sand is NEVER, EVER a good idea. It's likely to block the air spaces in the mix & cause drainage problems in future, pls. don't do that again if you wish to keep your plants healthy.

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