my new pet is NOT scaly...

mingtea(z9 Tucson)April 5, 2006

he's fluffy!

i am SO thrilled with this little guy! he's a handful, but i have a feeling he'll be well worth it...


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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Ming- He is so adorable! What kind of dog is he? What is his name?


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tisha_(z7 OKC)

LOL! Too cute! I LOVE that second picture. LOL So much personality.

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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

thanks guys! he's a german shepherd and he doesn't have a name's proving a daunting task. his litter's registered name is supposed to be opera themed, so there's the first hurdle. i was thinking i'd like his call name to be somewhat related to his registry name, so for now he's just "puppy-pup."


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jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)


What a handsome little Wonder Fluffette - ditto Tisha's comment about pic #2; it's all about flying through the air.

He looks as if he's quite musical, given a chance, and probably will be quite the tenor.

Denise over at the C&S Forum has a GS (Remo the Wonder Fluff).

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He's gorgeous, and so playful. I'm sure he will be worth it, and you'll have to let us know how he gets along with the cold-blooded pets.

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

Great pup! So I thought I'd *Google* ....yes again, and help you find some ideas. Does it have to be a composer or a character or an actor?

Hey, what about "wolfie", (might be spelt wrong? might be volfie?) Mozarts nick name:-)

Have fun

Here is a link that might be useful: top 20 operas(Check out the synopsis for character ideas)

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Awwww, what a cutie! He looks like he's got a lot of mischief in him, and he also looks like the type it'd be hard to get mad at. from previous thread- sentence ended in prepositionsize=1.5>
I'm curious to know what he thinks of your big guy, too! Does he know Dragons aren't chew toys?
Enjoy your new baby!

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fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)

Look at the size of those paws! Before you know it, he'll be all growed up!

One of my favourite operas is Carmen... but then, I don't think you'd find a suitable name for such a fun puppy-fluff in that opera :) It's rather tragic, and not in the funny La Boheme way.

Now, La Boheme, there's an opera with some great names! Rodolfo, the lover and poet, is always waxing on and on and on about poverty and love and blah blah blah. He's all about the passion and the jealousy, but he thinks about it so darn much, that he never actually seems to DO anything. Well, except complain and wail a lot. (Granted, it's beautiful wailing, but wailing nonetheless). His friend Marcello, though, now he's got some fire to him! He whisks his old girlfriend Musetta off right out from under the nose of her new lover! Oh, and there's this minor character who's a lot of fun: Parpignol the toy salesman. All the little kiddies love Parpignol. You could call your new friend Parpy-Puppy :)

Anyway, yippee for the brand new pup! He looks like a sweet fuzz :)


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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

you guys are great! the opera input is really helping, and that site from diane was really educational.
so far we are thinking of "Covey-Tucker Hill's Wagner's Rheingold" for his kennel name, but isn't that a mouthful?

it's funny, but most dogs don't really bother Big Lizard, or notice him unless their owner points him out. only one dog has so far had an unending facination with biggie. Chutney used to follow him all over the place and would herd him back to us if he wandered too far. she was crazy for him and would wag and bark if she knew i had him, and snuff my shirt for Biggie every time i would visit her and her owner. our puppy, on the other hand, didn't even look at him twice. biggie doesn't seem to mind dogs, either, unless they nose him too hard. cats, on the other hand, are a bit more attentive.

i'll let you all know what we decide on--and let this be a warning that i'll probably be posting more puppy pictures as he grows up! LOL!


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Oh, he is so cute, Ming! I had a German Shepherd once, and a truly wonderful friend he was. He was sorta 'rescued', and the vet said he might well be registered or at least purebred, but we had no way of finding out. Didn't matter a bit. Would have been nice to know more about his 'past' though. I know you'll enjoy yours, and look forward to seeing more pictures!

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

I Love the name! "Tucker" would be great! (maybe more like "trucker" when he wanders and .... well...and a "little______", you get the idea, when he's just chewed your best shoes!!)

All breeders have long names especially when you add the kennel name. Our dog was named " The Happy Gangs, Fibber McGee" and the other was "The Happy Gangs, Maggie Muggins". Opera names are just all that much longer as you are adding the Character, Opera and composer as well! Cool!

Are you planning on showing and/or breeding him?


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fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)

We had a registered Cocker Spaniel when I was growing up. I can't remember her "real" name, but part of it was Sylvia. We called her "Silly" for short :) I think she liked "Silly" better. She was the cutest thing, with those ears flopping around, and her tongue hanging out...

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He's SOOO cute!! He looks so much like my Remo when he was a baby! They're just sweet beyond words and can be ornery as the dickens at that age. Is this your first shepherd? In case he is, just a couple of pieces of advice that we learned after our first...

Until he understands the rules and gets past the chew stage, don't be afraid to crate the little guy when you're gone. I HATED the thought of doing so when we had our first and we ended up with a lot of destruction. A dog-person who's opinion I respected told me that dogs actually LIKE having a space to call just their own and that I would be shocked at his affection for that space once he adjusted to it. She was right!! To this day (8 years later...) Remo will go in his crate (of course, there's no door on it now...) and sleep or just quietly lay there for a little rest. Not that he sleeps there all the time - I think it's a refuge for him where he feels like no one will "bug" him...

The other thing is doggy school. We started it early and kept it up for probably a year or so. The exposure to people and other dogs is invaluable. We did some classes early on with our first shepherd, but we didn't keep it up and he became somewhat - uh - intense with people he wasn't real familiar with. Remo, on the other hand, is a sweetheart to everyone. In fact, the ladies at our vet clinic says he's the only shepherd they see that they feel completely at ease around... The thing about shepherds is that their appearance is enough to keep anyone with dishonorable intentions at bay - they really don't NEED to be trained guard dogs. I have no doubt that if it was necessary, Remo would take down anyone who came at me in a threatening way in spite of his sweet demeanor.

Can't wait to hear what you name him!

Denise in Omaha

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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

hiya denise,

thanks for the advice! we are shepherd people: geoff's parents had a kennel for years and his father is an american and canadian national judge for the breed. though i've had experience with older dogs (ah! my running buddy in oregon!), the puppy thing, in general, is new to me. we have the little guy in his crate during the day and he's adjusted fairly well to it. he cries just a bit when we leave, but he's always very calm and quiet when we get back.
i don't have too many doubts as to how people friendly our dog will be (he's had lots of visitors since he's been here!), but we'll need to doggie socialize him pretty intensely when the time comes. we don't plan on any puppy play dates until after he's had all his shots, so we need to get those done ASAP and have him play with some other pups during this critical window.

the name!
as for a name...i've taken to calling him "Salish" (pronounced "SAY-lish"), after a tribe of PNW indians. we don't know if it's really going to stick, but i figure he needs to be called something other than "puppy-pup" to expedite training. he can already sit and speak on command!

what kind of dogs do you have? those are really great, spunky names.
Salish shows promise so we'll probably end up showing him, but even if he doesn't finish, he's still proving to be a champ in my book...even though he DOES tear up my flower bed--on purpose! i can't wait until he's civilized!


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fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)

Denise, that's some great advice about shepherds. They're super loyal, and in my experience (which is very limited - 2 dogs in my childhood) they tend to be so incredibly tuned into their people, and protective, it's amazing. I've seen it in almost every shepherd I've met.

Funny thing about shepherds, though - I don't find they look at all threatening, and I'm always sort of taken aback when people refer to them as guard dogs. Maybe it's because I grew up with two of them, one of whom let me do the most inhumane things to her - like ride on her back, and explore her ears and butt. Let me tell you, Silly the cocker spaniel seemed rather skittish after having been around two shepherds :)

Ming - I love, love, love the name Salish!!! It's so kicky!

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

They were American Staffordshire Terriers and quite a handful. My mother in-law stopped breeding them years ago because she had such a hard time finding "Responsible" owners. Easier to do in Canada where the Pit Fighting isn't such a problem but there are still buttheads who just want a tough dog and don't realize the damage they can/will do to other dogs (and yes, sometimes people) if not socialized!

They kept us very busy with training, showing, socializing, breeding and just keeping a close eye on them. Tough work being a responsible pet owner!!!

The "Happy Gang" is playing in doggy heaven now, all together again! They were such great dogs!


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