catalina_101(UK)May 24, 2009

Hi all,

I posted on here for years and years...then got busy and sort of forgot about the internets. :)

I see lot of names I recognise on here...hoping to pick people's brains for things I've forgotten, like good places to buy crazy seeds!

I've been roaming the world for a few years and live in London now, but I'm hoping (!) to move back to Canada in about a year. I'm getting so excited about rebuilding my plant collection back to its former glory and was poking around GW to see what's going on in the botanical circles.

Hope all are well :)


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Hello Kat,

I am afraid the conversation side of this forum is mostly dead. It's not like it used to be. Many of the old timers are gone. Nigella, Ooojen and Cena hardly visit GW at all. Too bad. I really liked this place the way it was. Feel free to come over to the on-topic portion though. Even if it is only to say hello. I'm sure many people would like to know how you are doing.

I'm really to see that you are doing well. I did wonder what happened to you and hoped that you were OK.


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lunamoon(5 MA)

Hey Kat!

How goes it? As Larry said, this forum is pretty dead unfortunately. I only pop in on rare occasions myself.... I miss the fun conversations we used to have.....

Hope all is well with you!


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I was also wondering what happened to you, Kat. Glad to see you are back posting again.


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Oh my, I'm feeling so ashamed. That will NOT keep me here, day in/out. I took this job, you see...

Kat, you HAVE to come back and tell us 'stories!'.
Crazy seeds will need a bit of explanation as to what you might be seeking.

I understand completely. I've picked up new hobbies and let my old ones fall to the side. My plant population is scandalous... I feel like such a Bad Plant Mommma!

But I'm a wicked special hand crafted jewelry maker, and I can out pose you in Yoga... Oh that last one is such a lie. Anyone who practices Yoga knows the truth. I'm still making room in my day to realise that I am addicted to Yoga and that it brings even MORE peace that burgeoning fecundity of plants and the cycle of life. Yoga is EVEN BETTER. I know, people reading this are snorting and scoffing... I have peace, and wonder, and no pain that I am moving past plants and what I used to do.

(I still have plants, they are just sad...)

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