Long time, no see

tisha_(z7 OKC)May 7, 2007

Hi everyone.

It's been ages since I've been here. How is everyone doing?

The other day, Theresa popped into my head. Has anyone heard from her lately? I miss hearing the updates on Celeste (jeeze, it's been a long time. Her daughter's name is Celeste, isn't it?).

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lunamoon(5 MA)

Hey Tisha,

This forum has been pretty quiet lately. I pop in from time to time but there's not much activity here.

How's everything with you been? How's Jaz?


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Hi, Tisha! Glad to "see" you! How's everything?
My dolls hobby took over the plants, but I still pop in here once in a while... nice to see familiar names.

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wow I just thought of this forum and looks like others had the same thought!

Hope all are well. I live in the UK at the moment, working like a fiend for the corporate big brother. Life is pretty sweet. :)

take care!

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Hi Catalina,

I had wondered what had happened to you. Congratulations on getting a job in Great Britain. When I graduated from college I had planned on going to Europe and work for a year. It never happened though. I married my ex-wife instead. I should have gone to Denmark. lol One never knows about those things at the time.


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