Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

LibbyLizMay 8, 2006

Whee! It's my day off from the greenhouses/nursery tomorrow because I get to work one of the busiest days of the year... day before Mother's Day. Lucky me. Oh joy.

So since everyone else has been out in great numbers buying plants for themselves, I figure it's my turn!

I was going to make a "plant by number" pot for next to the front door, but the largest pot I have is light blue & 12" diameter. It doesn't go with the red brick house front & may not hold that many plants. So I'm going to buy at least an 18" "terra cotta" pot that's premade.

I was going to get a premade windowsill box for above the planter, but the brick ledge is only 5" deep & I have to stay below 10" to not interfere with the doorbell. And I don't want plants, water, bugs & dirt dropping down on us from above the bench, so I won't put any on that ledge. So I guess a windowsill box is out of the question.

Instead I'm buying a premade mixed hanging planter.

I'll also be getting the annuals for between the perennials in the back garden.

The front perennial/annual garden's in the process of being torn up & turned into a lava rock/perennial garden with stepping blocks to the park bench. I'm saving what plants survived last summer & the winter for hopefully planting alongside the bench & straight down to the sidewalk. I have to buy lava rock & stepping blocks for that tomorrow too.

I told my coworkers I'm going to teasingly give them the rude attitude & such like some of the customers we've been dealing with! LOL

And hopefully none of the customers recognize me & try to get me to help them with their purchasing decisions or I'll have to clock in & get paid for such, but then I'd get put to work filling wholesale orders instead, like a regular day!

So, how's everyone else's gardens & pots growing or ideas for such going?

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Oh well, hubby changed his/my mind. He wants to do brick instead of lava rock. He'll leave a 1-ft section on both sides of the bench so I can plant whatever.

So all I need to buy are annuals & 2 replacement perennials for the back garden & the two annual containers for the front.


So, anyhow, what's everyone else doing for gardening?

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With me its called weeding. I've got them all over

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fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)

LOL! I'm moving my cacti outside today, and thinking about what I want to put into the veggie garden. Likely the usual suspects - tomatoes, cukes, zukes, eggplant, peppers, etc. I didn't start anything indoors this year (again...), so I'll be buying lots of starter plants. Thankfully, the veggie garden doesn't need much prepping.

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So it's still not warm enough where both of you are at to consider much of anything yet?

I did buy the bedding annuals today & a hanging mixed annuals pot.

I also bought the standing mixed annuals pot but it looks so small next to the front door (10" pot in a 24" wide space) that it may have to go back for a bigger one or I may have to make my own. I don't know what size pot to look for either way though & posted about this dilemma on the "Container Gardening" forum.

I didn't buy a windowsill box because I have to figure out if the 5" deep ledge will support one, & because there's a doorbell 10" above the ledge 8" from the edge that I have to take into consideration. This was also questioned on that same forum.

I'll wait until the front bricked-in bench/garden area is finished to see what perennials are needed there. And if none are needed & any are left over I'll try to incorporate something from there into the back garden where two medium-height are needed.

I love this time of year, yet I hate it. Or maybe I just dislike the prep & purchase. *sigh*

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This is last years picture but it looks about the same right now . In the back is my garden that is full of weeds-but I have made 3 rhubarb pies and had an incredible asparagus dish with morrels that I got @ our grocery for $9!. My parsley came back-but I think it won't be very good because it is a biennial. My garlic looks good. I have chives and oregano. Snow peas are up and an itty bitty lettuce patch.

See what I mean about the weeds

But the absolute best thing in my yard this past week was a flowering crab. It was snowing pink blossoms-thank you God for giving us so many things to be thankful for!

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What weeds?! That's a gorgeous garden!

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