Pictures of my houseplants and gardens

micke(6)June 10, 2007

someone here a month or so ago was wanting to see pics of my plants, well here are some, I will keep adding if you guys would like, as you can see I pretty much concentrated on one flower bloom and such at a time, I will get some better overall pics to post too. sorry about the single file, I still have not figured out how to get them side by side on here:( Oh and Toni (hopefulauthor) if you happen to see this the peacelily is the one you gave me help with back last year when I first found GW, I don't know if I ever thanked you for your help so I am saying thank you now, it is a blooming demon now:)

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Jane5(z5 MO)

Hi Micke

Boy are those some really nice pictures. All of your plants are great!!! Nice to see Im not the only houseplant-hosta nut here. I have also been bitten by the tropical bug. My DH and kids think IÂm nuts.

I have one question for you. About mid way through your houseplant pictures is that an Autumn Philodendron? If it is I sure wish mine looked like that. Mine is not looking very good right now and IÂm not sure how to help it. What do you do for yours?

Even though IÂm not the one who wanted to see your plants, I sure did enjoy looking at the pictures.


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AH HAH! Another Missourian that loves hosta!! I am fairly sure that is a Autumn Philo, it is one of my infamous unlabeled that I got from Home Depot, I actually don't do very much at all with it, it is one of my lesser watered plants, I have had to battle to stay away from watering those philos as I have overwatered a number of them before, they will rot pretty easy on me so I have to watch it, that may be what is wrong with yours, does it seem limp?? that is my first indication that I may of been too generous with the water a time or two. that is what I have the hosta for, I can get my gardening hose out and water to my little hearts content (well I will be able to once these rains decide they have had enough, I feel like a drowned rat here lately!)
I had a pic of a ZZ and a Bird Of Paradise that I got for mothers day, but I forgot to edit them in my photosmart and I figured people really didn't want to turn their heads sideways to see them:) the ZZ is doing good now but that one I am wary of, figure if it makes it it makes it if not oh well, don't know much about the care on it, I stuck it in my bathroom, I have the most luck in there with my plants.
Yes my DH (and even the kids) roll their eyes everyime we pass a nursery, my husbands is in desperation I think. I have slowed down on my houseplant purchasing as I have started a job and I am afraid the ones I have now may suffer as I don't have the time to mess with them like I did, speaking of I got to get out the door for work (yuck!!)

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Jane5(z5 MO)

Oh yeah, a real hosta nut here. I was hit real hard by that late frost this spring and lost a few and had a BUNCH really shrink on me. Which is really depressing since this was the leap year for quite a few of them. My Sagae was really big last year, but thanks to a stupid mole going right under it and the frost, it now is a very small plant. It will take at least 3 years to get back to the size it was. But the Leading Lady that is right next to it looks good. Its amazing what just a couple of feet will do.
I dont think I ever over watered my Philo. In fact I think I let it get to dry a couple of times. It probably needs to be repotted too. It is just growing so strange. If I could ever figure out how to post a picture I could show you. I really envy gardeners who can do computer stuff too. I am very computer stupid.
The best thing you can do for your ZZ is no direct sun and not too much water. Pretty well ignore it and it should do fine. I always put mine out in the summer and noticed it didnt look too good the other day. Im pretty sure it is getting too much water (we have had a wet spring havent we) and since we had a tree taken out earlier this spring, too much light. I have moved it so it will get no sun and the rain wont hit it. It is getting some size on it so I really dont want to loose it now.
Im sorry you have to work. I should, but I have Social Anxiety Disorder and very seldom even leave my house anymore. Guess thats why I enjoy gardening so much. Dont have to worry about doing or saying anything stupid in front of my plants and embarrassing myself. But if I did work and had more money I would just get more plants and then there would be no room for us. So I guess its good I dont work.

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Oh I am a computer moron believe me, everything I know my mother taught me, she is real sharp with electronics but not me:( pictures I can help you with IF you can get them uploaded to photobucket, it is getting them to photobucket that I have had the trouble with.
does your Sagae look like my hosta that is 6 from the bottom? That is what the label said but I was not sure.
Oh I hate to leave my house, I don't even like to go shopping (unless it is garden related, lol!) this job thing has been real hard on me, I have been a homebody for 5 years and being thrust out among people again (especially when the boss is a hmm..... well a donkey comes to mind) makes it even harder. I am thankful it is a small machine shop, only about 20 people there, and for the most part they are all nice decent people:)

I tried to get more pics tonight but my camera only wants to take about 10 pictures before the battery goes dead:( of course mother says I need to be using rechargable camera batteries (oops!!)

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Jane5(z5 MO)

Its hard to tell from the picture. Do you know about the Hosta Library? Talk about a place to make a wish list from. I have not been to look for a while. It always makes me want to place a hosta order. I could take a picture of mine tomorrow and show you if you would be kind enough to give me very simple instructions on picture posting. I can get my pictures to photobucket without a problem. Its getting them to the next step that gets me.
I actually got that section of the hosta bed weeded. This has been a crazy spring and there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. I have never been this far behind in weeding before. Im so glad I dont have to weed my houseplants!!!
Im so sorry that this job thing is so bad. I really feel for you!!! The last job I had I absolutely loved!!! I was working at the growing area of a local nursery. Didnt really have to deal with the public and got to play with plants every day. But as with most jobs there was a very nasty person there who made my life heck. She didnt even like plants but had been there for years. She was very mouthy and nasty and it got to the point where even my other coworkers were afraid to talk to me because they didnt want her mad at them. I ended up having to leave and have not worked since. The boss I had there has sent me a Christmas card the last 2 years apologizing about what happened and told me she thinks of me all the time. To bad she didnt speak up when I was still there. Considering I live in a very rural area, that is the only job like that around for a long ways.

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Okay here are the steps to posting, have the page where you are wanting to post a picture on open, then open another browser window, go to your photobucket account, check the pictures you are wanting to post, then go to the bottom where it says generate html code (says something to that effect:) click on it, it will bring you to another page, double click on the first line of code highlighting it all then right click "copy", go to the other browser and right click "paste" in the message box, it should look like a bunch of code, when you hit preview message if you can see the pictures everyone else will too!!
Oh yes I know all about the Hosta Library, another good one is Jim's Hosta, those are my two favorite hosta drooling sites. I just haven't had much time to drool here lately:)
My weeds are getting pretty ferocious as well, it is really going to be bad after all this rain stops!!
I guess it was just my turn as far as jobs go, I have had nothing but fantastic jobs up to this point so you win some you lose some:)

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Jane5(z5 MO)

I have not had a chance to get a picture of my Sagae yet. I will get out there tomorrow and get one. So I am trying to post one of my Blizzard just to see if I can do this right.

I think I got it!!!!!
Thanks so very much!!!!

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You got it! ohh that is a pretty hosta! I don't have that one, I love it!!!

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Jane5(z5 MO)

I finally got out and got the picture of the Sagae. Please excuse how bad it looks. This has been a really bad hosta year for me. I have maple tree roots invading my beds. We had that late freeze, moles, and now I have more slugs then I ever have before. I sure hope next year is better.
I also took one of the Sagae and Leading Lady. Believe it or not my Sagae was the same size last year before the mole and the freeze.

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do not apologize for the way it looks, mine looks the same way. It has been a horrible year, the only reason my Frances Williams looks as good as it does was because the leaves had not unfurled yet when we got that late freeze. I have a bunch of ugly Albo Marginatas that got hit hard as they were the first ones up for me. I lost a June, Emerald Tiara, Blue Angel ( that one I already replaced) and Golden Schepter (sp?) during that freeze, I got to see them for a short time then WHAM! So far they have not made a appearance, thinking they may be goners:( I had wanted "June" for so long, that one was at the top of my want list and at the end of last summer I found someone who had some to share, that one really bummed me out.
the leaves on my 'Sagae' look different then yours hmm... oh well I can post a pic of it over at the hosta forum, they are good at name that hosta:)
I bought 3 new houseplants today, I found a cool looking Dracenea, it is green and white and tall and skinny (will have to post a pic as soon as I get more batteries) then I got a fern of some sort looks kind of like a boston, but the leaves look like they are scrunched togather, the last thing I got (thank goodness) I actually knew what it was, it is a lipstick plant, so neat! I love HD:) I just wish they would label their plants better.
ohh I found it! it is a Dracaena Sanderana (Ribbon Plant) well 1 down 1 to go:)
I have been having problems with my Monstera, the leaves have been yellowing, no idea what is going on, still has new coming on too, so hopefully it will snap out of it's funk.

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Jane5(z5 MO)

I know about loosing hostas to the freeze. I lost Cascades, Sitting Pretty, and Herifu for sure and my Bressingham Blue and Halcyon even though they came back Im having trouble with rot and might loose them too. There are a few more Im not sure will make it through the summer. I dont have a single hosta out there that is bigger this year then last. The ones the freeze didnt hit hard have moles going right under them. Those are evil, nasty critters. Im so sorry about you June. I have 2 and they are one of my favorites!!! I would offer to share but I have had to get rid of a few plants due to HVX and I also have foliar nematodes. I dont want to take a chance of sending that out to anyone else.

We dont have a HD around here. We do have a Lowes about 40 min. away. Dont make it there very often. So getting anything new and exciting around here is pretty hard. I would love to get a new houseplant. I do most of my plant shopping on line. I just got a couple new EEs and due to some stuff going on around here that will be the last of my plant buying for a while. I do plan on getting some new hosta next spring. By then Ill know for sure what didnt make it and hopefully things will be a little more normal around here. Well as normal as it can be at this nut house.


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I am not allowed to shop online:( So if it wasn't for my wal-mart, home depot and lowes I would never get any plants:( not too many good nurseries around the Joplin area. Some but not many. There is a online place called Glasshouse Works have you heard of it? Talk about make you drool! LOTS of Philos, actually just plain lots of everything!
Have you tried planting Caster Bean seeds in the Moles holes?? I heard they will eat them and byebye mole! So far they are just ripping my yard up, they haven't done anything in my actual gardens, of course if I break my ankle on their little tunnels I may just put a firecracker down there, why waste time with the seeds!

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Jane5(z5 MO)

Life has gotten real crazy around here but I wanted to thank you for the heads up on the Glasshouse works. You are definitely right about the drooling!!!! I kept trying to show my DH all the nice things they have but he just kept making this strange sound while hiding his face in his hands. Not sure what was up with that. LOL ;-)


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I know that look!!! I get it all the time! Poor hubby. But! If I have to share space with all that weight lifting gunk he can share space with all my plants:) He might lose it if I start hanging planters on his Ironman thingymabobber though, would be interesting to see the look on his face, hmm..... thought about taking one of my pothos and sitting it on the middle of his weight bench twining all the vines around the weightbar, but (sigh) don't want to lose one of my plants at the expense of my enjoyment:)

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Micke, your plants are doing fantastic. And ALL those Hostas..I've never seen so many different types growing in one yard..
I love your 'shaggy' doggie, too..LOL..he/she seems to be enjoying him/herself in the yard..Does he/she bother your plants?
Is your Philo a Black Cardinal or the Pink Princess? What a collection you have..Toni

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Gizmo had to be "posed" in the garden, he didn't like being in there very much, the only thing he does that I don't much like is he will try to potty on the rocks. I have a big rock on the outside of one of my beds that he has christened several times over, lol!!!!
I am not sure which Philo that is, it was a HomeDepot buy, you know how they like to label their plants:)
I have some new hostas I am really proud of, so I will put them in here,

Olive Branch, Dance With Me, Spilt Milk and stained glass:)
I do love my hostas.
thank you for the nice compliments Toni. Feel free to post some pictures of your plants as well, I love seeing others:)

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

Beautiful plants. I miss my inside plants. With our last house (we lived there for 2.5 years) having only one good window (and it was the smallest in the house too!) my collection dwindled down to 4 small 4" pots: MIL Tongue, Ponytail Palm baby, Aloe Vera, and some cuttings of Swedish Ivy.

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You will be able to have lots of inside plants now! your new house is just beautiful:) I don't have a whole lot of good light, but in the Winter I put about 10 to 15 plants in the bathroom in order to keep them going, I hung a telescoping pole over my sink, so I can put about 4 plants on that. I have had to be pretty inventive, I have a fantastic plant stand that holds 3 big plants and 6 small ones, I put it right in front of the window so they all get good light. The next house we buy the only requirement I have is for it to have LOTS of windows, and oh yeah for it to be sitting in the middle of 10 acres so no one can see in:)

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toadlilly(z7/8 ETX)

I grew up with a shizu that looked just like yours. Her name was Candy and we joke that she was our little spoiled sister. She lived into her teens, stinky, snotty, blind, deaf, bald, toothless, (you name it) and left such a legacy, made me smile. Thanks for including your baby in your beautiful shots! CJ

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your welcome, he is spoiled for sure! Love him to death:)

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toadlilly(z7/8 ETX)

A friend just recently offered my soon-to-be retired mom a puppy. She is the cutest thing, all puppy. I asked mom and I swear she got giddy! After all that 'I'll never have another long haired dog' stuff! Ha! Once a shizu lover, always a shizu lover! CJ

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For sure. I know even now after this one is gone I will get another, without a doubt:) I hope however that will be a long time from now!

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