larry_b(Zone5/CO)June 25, 2006

Hi all,

Has anyone seen TransAmerica? My wife and I watched it this last week. We thought it was wonderful. It was so well done and very respectful of the people in the movie. Even though there were some sensitive subjects I thought they were all handle very well.

Has anyone else seen the movie?

We also saw an old movie that I think is really worth seeing and seen again. It was Searching for Bobby Fischer. Has anyone here seem that movie?

Anyway, I highly recommend the above if you need something to see next weekend.


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I loved searching for Bobby Fischer and I really want to see TransAmerica. It is on our pay per view channel right now. Have you seen the Constant Gardener? thats another really good one. Its so nice to tlk to you again Larry-I missed you and have wondered how your violets are doing

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Larry,

Yea, I saw Transamerica when it 1st came out, wanted to see how it was handled, how Felicity Huffman would play it, etc. She was up for an Oscar for it & I've often found her to be an interesting actress. Liked it very much, well handled indeed & sweetly funny, touching in some ways.

i know nothing abt the Bobby Fisher movie. I'd like to see "Devil Wears Prada" due to open next week, should be fun & I think Meryl Streep's just extraordinary (in almost everything she does).

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