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beesneeds(zone 6)October 22, 2013

After much sorting through seed and sending off seed, I have an updated exchange list. Bunch of flower seed and a lot of veggies in the offering. Looking mostly for more veggies, some flowers and herbs.
Please see my exchange page at the bottom of this post.

Newbie packets- October 22: I am offering up 3 newbie packs. Open for the first 3 newbies to post in the thread, or till October 31. I will note newbie posts 4 & 5 in case any of the first 3 fall through, but I will not consider any requests starting after October 31 even if I have zero newbie requests come in on this thread.
Please really be a newbie, and make sure you post you are sending a newbie request here in the thread and email me.
When you email me, please include the following information:
Your username on Gardenweb
That you are asking for a newbie pack
Your top 12 choices off my trade list, with your top 3 really wants.
DO NOT post your mailing address in the thread. Or in your first email to me- wait till I email you back with confirmation before sending that personal information.
Sorry to be weird about newbie packs.. but I like to be able to send them to people as I can, and sometimes I get the darndest questions or problems.

Please post here that you are sending an email, and send me an email. Makes it much easier to keep track of everyone if it's in both places. I've lost connections when folks have done one or the other. If you find a no response or bounceback on email, please post again on the thread- sometimes emails go missing.
I live in the boonies. I tend to hit town once a week for errands, including mailing bigger packets of seeds. Occasionally this can stretch to two weeks depending on if we get weathered in. Please be patient with this.
I drop small trades in the regular mail in card/letter stock depending on the smash-ability of the seeds rather than use a larger bubble envelope that costs two bucks each.

Again, please see my exchange list below :)



Here is a link that might be useful: My exchange page

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Hello BeesNeeds,

I am a newbie - just joined the forum today. I am trying to research info to start my garden in Spring of 2014 and hoping this forum and others will provide me sufficient information to get started.

I am very impressed with the list of seeds you have and the seeds/plants you are looking for. How big is your garden and how long have you been gardening. I would love to grow everything we eat, but since i am just starting, I am hoping the first year is successful enough to keep me continuing.

I saw your post about sending free seed to newbies, and here is what I would like from you. I know you said 3 types, you pick the ones that you have most of (out of my wish list and send it to me).

Beans - Top crop
Cucumbers ' marketmore
Eggplant ' black beauty
Peppers ' cayenne
Squash ' table queen
Random seed - Onion ' white libson bunching; Tomato ' rutgets
Other random ' sweetie peppers

You said you made seed from store bought fruits (for the peppers, can you please tell me how you go about doing this - I would like to try that out for tomatoes and peppers also).

Also, if you are looking for any asian vegetables, I am expecting to get some Indian vegetable seeds, let me know if there is anything in specific you would like and I can try and get you those in return for the above that you are going to send me. My interests are Beans, chilies, bitter gourds, cluster beans (guar), greens (amaranthus, malabar spinach, ridge gourd, bottle gourd, indian cucumber, winged beans - which I am planning on looking for locally or through some nursery/online catalogs to get for next year.

How does this work, do I need to send you Self Addressed Stamped Envelope ? or would just my address suffice. . Please send me a note and I will follow up based on your instructions.

Also, since you are an experienced gardener, if you have any handy tips for a total beginner, I would very much appreciate them.

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beesneeds(zone 6)

1 newbie packet goes to Birhudugi :)

I'm looking to do regular trades too, got lots of stuff on my have and looking for lists.

Here is a link that might be useful: My exchange page

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leila hamaya(8 nor cal)


i would be interested in trading for the chinese chesnut, possibly more if theres a few things on my list you would want.

Here is a link that might be useful: my trade list

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I am a newbie-I've been here about a week. Thankyou for this awesome offer. Sending you an email. :-)

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Hi I am a newbie too i joined yesterday. i would like to take you up on your generous offer. please tell me how to proceed from here.

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beesneeds(zone 6)

Newbie package #2 has been claimed by Webdragonaz
Newbie package #3 is pending by twoheartsgrowing

I have updated my trade list to reflect recent trades and newbie packages for anyone else interested in trading :)

Here is a link that might be useful: My exchange page

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