Meet Munchkin

Mentha(9 CA)June 18, 2007

This is Munchkin, He was dumped off in the Walmart Gardenshop and we took pity on him and took him home. We gave him his first shot, I didn't know they require a 10 day quarentine before introducing him to the other cats in the family. He is so lonely in his Bathroom retreat and tries to get out now. He looks to be part Persian and has a lot of spunk.

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I love tuxedo cats. Thanks for sharing.


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Mentha(9 CA)

Well, DH has named him Sir Ed after the first guy to climb MT Everest. He syas because I went behind his back, I didn't get to name him.

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toadlilly(z7/8 ETX)

My husband says the same thing! Munchkin aka Sir Ed is tooo cute! We rescued many cats from Walmart, (one named Wally, one named Marty) and Catfish King Resturant (named Catfish). Yours is a doll, I'm sure he'll keep you intertained. CJ

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Him's sweet! AWWW

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