i need a wizard to ID my plants!!!

n1kyJuly 31, 2007

Ok recently ive been buying plants like a nutter! but from time to time i pick ones up without a label, so this is where you guys come in and put me straight.the first link below is somthing i baught recently but its starting to get yellow and sickly,so i be greatful for any help :D




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The first one looks like a Screw Pine but I am not sure... does it have prickly edges on the leaves?
the second one I don't have a clue either other then it looks like a succulent?

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The first one looks like Dracaena Warneckii. The second one, maybe a Partridge Breast Aloe.

Billy Rae

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The stem of the plant isnt wooden its all green,under the leaves is rough and ontop of them is smooth,

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


Just so you know, you'll get faster responses if you post this at Discussions area or in the Gallery (of Photos). Folks tend to come to this spot just for "Conversations", hence its name.

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I'm inclined to guess

1) Pandanus veitchii (screw pine) (confidence level: 50%)
Yucca elephantipes (variegated yucca) (45%)
Dracaena something (5%)

though the whole rough/smooth thing throws me off quite a bit, as none of these should be rough underneath the leaves. Pandanus has, in some cases, a row of spines on the underside of the leaf, down the center, as well as spines along the leaf edges, but they're not the sort of thing you'd normally leave out of a description, since they're very obvious, and they hurt.

2) Aloe variegata (partridge-breast aloe) (95%)
some other Aloe spp. (5%).

And pirate_girl is correct about this not really being the right place for this question, but you got it about half-answered anyway, so whatever.

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