Mystery melon from store - worth saving seeds?

courtneysgardenJuly 13, 2014

Hi all

I just ate a really delicious melon from the store - it had the appearance of a honeydew on the outside but a cantaloupe on the inside, and the flavor tasted like a mix of both.

It was labeled "organic" but that is all - no name, variety, farm, or even a number code.

I'm guessing its probably a hybrid, so should I even bother saving the seeds to try to grow it on my own (someday when I actually have room)? It would be fun to experiment and the seeds looked so well developed I felt like I should keep them, but is it all rather pointless?

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theforgottenone1013(MI zone 5b/6a)

If you save the seeds and grow them you won't know what you might get because of hybrids and cross pollination. Is it pointless? Yes and no. If you want a high quality eating melon then yes, it's probably pointless. You'd be much better off spending a few bucks on a packet of seeds. If you just want to experiment and see what grows (irrelevant of the edibility) and you have the space to waste then no, it isn't.

I've got no idea what kind of melon it is.


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True, I should probably just buy a packet of seeds for something more predictable - maybe I can find something similar. I'll keep them just in case I ever have a whim to experiment though.

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Since you know what it is now, Unknown "mutts" should not bother you. It is probably a yellow fleshed honey dew Many are hybrids but lack of uniformity is the major problem with second generation seeds. They usually taste ok. If you want to know what you are growing, than by all means buy seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orange flesh honeydew

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Thanks for the link Farmerdill!

That looks exactly like the melon I was talking about! Funny it is listed as an heirloom so the seeds are not hybrid, though who knows about the one I got from the store.

Will try have to try these :)

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