Soil mites

ines_99July 1, 2007

Ever since I mistakenly bought a bag of "organic" potting soil, I have been seeing little reddish mite type bugs on the surface of and edges of plant pots. They aren't spider mites, they are a little bigger, and they aren't on the plants themselves. Doesn't matter, they creep me out and I want them gone.

I repotted all of the plants I used this soil with, unfortuately I also used a handful or two on quite a few plants as a top dress. I tried spraying the soil surfaces with safer, but within a week the bugs are back. It isn't like there are that many, but I have eyes like a hawk and can see them very easily, and even one or two bother me. Has anyone ever had these things or does anyone know what they are and what I could use to get rid of them for good besides a systemic? I don't like using those chemicals indoors.

THanks - and be careful when buying organic soil...yuk!

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Mentha(9 CA)

If they are fast and you see no webbing, more than likely it's predtory mites. They feed on spider mites and other insects.

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