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larry_b(Zone5/CO)July 7, 2006

Hi all,

Well, not exactly. lol We got a beta fish two days ago. I was around the nurses station at a local hospital for a couple of days. Long story and not terribly interesting. Anyway they had three betas, each with their own glass goldfish bowl. After looking at them every time I needed a diversion I decided that I wanted one too.

I am not new to tropical fish. When I was a boy I had several aquariums. In the summer time I had use of a small pond. It was basically 100 gal. horse tank sunk into the patio. There was a nice one foot retaining wall around it. It really looked cool and one would never guess that it was a horse tank. During the summer I would take several of my fish and put them in the pond. They would multiply and get big by the end of the summer. I would then sell the larger fish to a local pet store and keep the smaller fish going until the following summer. I raised fancy guppies, black mollies and swordfish. I also raised snails.

Several years ago I decided to get back into fish. I had a 29 gal. aquarium of tropical fish and a 15 gal. aquarium of goldfish. I had them for several years but finally decided that they were too much maintenance and I sold them off. The beta though is just about my speed at this time.

He is really pretty. It's hard to tell from the picture because there is some shine from the flashbulb on his scales, but he is a deep scarlet from head to the tip of his tail. Anyway, here is a picture. He is not as confined as it would appear by the picture. The round globe acts as a magnifying glass.

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Oh he is pretty !

I had a betta a while back, but I realized i was not taking proper care of him so I gave him to a friend who took him to work where he gets much more attention!

The picture is very nice, I like your violet in the background :)

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

Oh! I love Beta's. I'll have to take a picture of ours someday. Yours is very pretty, Larry.

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Hi all,

Well, Little Fish, as he is affectionately called, got a new home. He was an a one quart bowl, but I didn't really feel that it was big enough for him. He is now in a 1½ gallon aquarium with an air source. It will be a lot nicer for him and nicer for me too. The quart bowl had to be cleaned once a week. It should last a good month to six weeks between cleaning.

You may be wondering about the name, Little Fish. The cat, that I had before the two I have now, that died in 1999, was named Kitty. I never could figure out a proper named for her and the named Kitty just wound up being her named by default. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made. I suffered 17 years of grief by almost everyone I knew for it. Even my wife said that she wondered about me when she first found out my cat's name. She said that she thought, "This guy has no imagination". In my defense, Kitty liked her name and everyone knew it when they came to greet her. They would say here kitty and she would respond. Right? Ok. So anyway, I didn't make that mistake again. Before I got my current cats I spent a lot of time picking names for each of them. I think that Aja (pronounced Asia) and Rhiannon are great names.

So, back from to Little Fish. Here is his new abode. You can see his old home in the right of the picture. He is a great looking beta!

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

Very cool, I used to keep betas when I was a kid. My first one died when I entrusted my little brother with changing his water (he was in one of those little bowls) and he changed it with cold tap water. Poor guy bent into the shape of a V and died.

I even tried breeding them as a kid for a while in those little tanks with the dividers. One day the male was ready and had built his bubble nest and the female beta was looking very interested. So I allowed them to come together and I went off to school.

At recess all I could think about was all the baby betas I'd have some day. When I arrived home I was totally disappointed to see someone had separated them. Turns out my uncle got frightened for the female beta when he noticed the male beta "choking" her. That evening might have been the first time ever that a kid sat an adult down and had the "birds and the bees talk" with him.

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

That looks like one happy fish!!! :-D

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Larry, he's a handsome fellow. I agree, some are too much work, one, content to be one, is just right.

Theresa, how is Miss Celeste doing?? Steve was asking me just the other day. I don't have your most recent address, drop me a line. I just got my computer back on line.

Tisha, how are the Cousin Sagas going? I have yet to read all the updates. I know Holidays are rife with drama, same at my house.

To all a Happy New Year.

Well, all mentioned. To new Friends, hope you have one as well.

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