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asleep_in_the_gardenAugust 17, 2013

I would like to hear anyone's thoughts on this...

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auron22(6b OH)

*heavy thinking*.....
1 hour later....*head throbbing*.....
3 hours's got something to do with scizzors....

The hand is the corporations and the marionette is the everyday consumer.The hand with scizzors is liberation?
I feel like it's something political or economical....neither of which i'm very good at discussing. I know it can mean LOTS of things, but my snap judgement was "why would he ruin a perfectly good marionette?" rofl.

I don't think this is something I can answer while on pain meds....give me another week and i'll have a clear head.

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You're recovering from surgery and if a few percs take the edge off then so be it. Sorry it's making things muddy but man do I like your analysis! When I drew it I really hadn't given any thought to meaning or anything so it's totally open to interpretation. Long after drawing it I noticed something that didn't jump out at me til then at all. Something wrong.
Neat thing was that it had gone unnoticed up until then and for now I'll not point it out to see if someone else notices it.
It has an informal title but to give it one would polarize it in the sense that the viewer's mind would associate the title with the image and reach a far quicker resolution of meaning. To leave it untitled allows the mind to wander.

Again,thank's for stopping in!
and speedy healing! You'll be your old self in no time! :)

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i like how the hands form out of nothingness. or being that its a plant forum i want to picture the dark bits as foliage or mold maybe.

i see the scissors as another layer of powerlessness for the individual. "he giveth and he taketh away" the puppeteer being the one who both ties and apparantly releases.

unfortunately for our dancing friend he has to be the one to crawl up and gnaw through the string with his own teeth. not wait for the mercy of the controller

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Freeing a puppet of it's strings by use of scissors and a two hands

I dont draw myself but most difficult is drawing a horse and it's head, as seen in pic hands are highly suspected at second hardest.
( Peanuts character Charley Brown would place hands behind his drawings/ subjects)
For whats it's worth unlike the puppet on a string: One learns quickly they cant tell an artist what they should do.
To critique an artist on the work they've done makes about as much scene as the puppet walking on it's own after being freed from it's strings.

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Hey Sradley, make some interesting points...when you said "i like how the hands form out of nothingness.",it made me think about how you see the puppeteer's works but never their face...and "nothingness" is a good word for it,made me smile.

Hi Pots, said "makes about as much sceneas the puppet walking on it's own after being freed from it's strings."

The puppet NEEDS the strings to function.

Hmmmm...that deserves a bit more consideration...think I could take that idea and run with it. In a word,.."addiction".

Earlier I'd mentioned that something was wrong with the work that I didn't notice yadda yadda's a hint,'s a physical impossibility. Sheesh I prolly just gave it away. lol

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auron22(6b OH)

Sheesh asleep, it's pretty obvious
I was going to say it, and thought about emailing it, but I forgot notifications sure help.

That puppeteer sure knows how to handle scizzors :)

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LOL Auron!

Yep it's pretty obvious once you see it. ;)

How's the healing process?

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auron22(6b OH)

It's going better than expected. Almost fully recovered. Thanks for asking :)

How did you do that background anyway? Imo, it's very ominous. I like it.

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I held the paper against a cinderblock wall or some such textured thing and put the flat side of a graphite stick against it and went to rubbing...thus lifting the pattern you and easy. lol

I'm guessing you're passed the percs(hope so)...good for pain but wow do they make a fella woozey!

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