dracaena massangeana

sarah36-2009August 12, 2009

Ive just brought the dracaena massangeana plant just over a week ago. A few days after the plant being in my front room it has started to havea mouldy scent to it and also at the tip of some of the leaves they are brown can anybody inform me of what the problem could be and how to rectify it?


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If you are using tap water, the fluoride and chlorine in the water can cause brown tips. Over-feeding can also cause tips to brown.
You can use rain or bottled water if you have hard-water. This plant does well in bright indirect light, or medium light. Make sure that you let the soil dry out somewhat between waterings, don't keep the soil wet.

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I have this plant I bought from Home Depot 2 months ago that ordered it from a supplier on Florida and now I look and it's sprouting these spore looking things out the tops and bottoms is it poisonous?? I have children and my husband has asthma. What is it what should I do??

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