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larry_b(Zone5/CO)October 12, 2006

I posted this over on the discussion part of the houseplant forum, but I don't think all of you go over there, so I will give you all a chance to look at it, since I'm so insufferably proud of it. My wife and I made a terrarium. Here it is:

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

That's so awesome!

My grandma had a big round terrarium when I was growing up. I've always wanted one just like it.

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lunamoon(5 MA)

Way cool! That's really nice, Larry. You should be proud of it!


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WoW, that is just beautiful! It's a real work of art, and it looks so natural...just gorgeous, Larry. Thanks for sharing it, wish mine looked even a quarter as good. May I ask what those plants are that make up the majority of the ones in there? They look sort of like small spider plants, but I don't think so...


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Hi Eileen,

Thank you so much for the kind words. It was so much fun making it. The plants you are referring to are tillandsia or air plants. They are a type of bromeliad.


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