tisha_(z7 OKC)October 31, 2006

I got a new tattoo last night. I've been thinking about this one for a while, but it was still spur of the moment to actually get it.

Mine and Keith's best couple-friends are breaking up. Mike was moving out last night, and Jennifer didn't want to be at home while he was, so she decided she was going to go get the tattoo she had been wanting for a while... which also happens to be the tattoo that Mike was totally against.

ANYWAY, I went with her. On the way, I was telling her that I had been thinking about this one I wanted and I just decided to do it. It was fun. And, thankfully it didn't hurt any worse than the other one I have. Yay. I'll post a picture later, if I can get sommeone to take one of it. It's on the back of my neck, so I can't take it myself.

And, since tattoos aren't technically legal in Oklahoma until tomorrow (November 1st) it felt kinda like we were being bad for doing it. The fun kind of bad, ya know? lol

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So if you have a tat, you could get jailed?! 8-O

I've thought about getting one, for YEARS, but didn't know where & what until recently: back of neck too, but so it only shows when my hair's up... small angel & devil with arms linked 'cause I'm a Gemini. ;-)

Pics please!

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

No. The tattoo-ee couldn't get in trouble. It would be the tattoo-er that would. But, for the past year, the law has pretty much let all of the "illegal" tattoo parlors slide. Thankfully, they realized they had better things to do than to fine people for doing something that was only months away from being legal.

The legalization is way overdue, IMO. For so long, people have just gone down to Texas to get their tats. That's just money that could have gone to Oklahoma instead of Texas. I bet the places close to the border really suffer... I'm sure they already have, but I'm sure it will get worse after tomorrow.

Wanna see a picture? It's kinda gross. It's still really fresh and angry looking in the pic. And, it makes the tattoo look huge, even though it's only about the size of a postage stamp. lol

Well, here it is... but be forwarned, it's not pretty yet. Still pretty icky looking. You can make out the brown color, through all of the red that is my angry skin. lol Hopefully, that brown is close to what it will be when it heals.

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Hi all,

When I became medically retired I decided to do some of the things that I had always wanted to. I especially wanted to do those things that would be a little risky with a white-collar job. I wanted to grow a ponytail, pierce my ear and have a tattoo on the back of my shoulder. Well I grew out my hair to ponytail length. I thought it would be great. I could wash my hair and tie it back. No worrying about getting a haircut every six weeks or bad hair days. Unfortunately I didn't realize how hard it would be physically for my bad shoulders to wash my hair. So just about the time my hair was the perfect length I cut it all off to about one half inch. I love it. It is indeed now wash and wear. It's funny. In the late sixties my dad wanted me to have my hair like it is now. I protested obviously. Now that my hair is very short my dad hates it. Go figure.

I also had my left ear pierced. I then decided to have it pierced again. That's probably enough.

I wanted to have a tattoo on the back of my shoulder, but my fibromyalgia is also on the back of my shoulder and I'm a little afraid of what all of that activity might do as far as flairing up my fibro. Since I don't particularly want a tatoo any where else, I decided to not get one.

Oh, the funniest tattoo I ever saw was on the butt cheek of this guy who was taking a shower at the rec center. It was a circle about the size of an old silver dollar. Inside it said " USDA Choice". I thought it was great! Maybe I should get one like that. Maybe not. lol


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