Cheating Wife - need HELP!

tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)October 27, 2007

So here goes. I need to get this off my chest:

Lately my wife has been working alot of evening shifts, and for the past couple months has been car pooling with one of her male co-workers. At first I didn't mind at all, I would rather have someone with her in case she has car trouble or something like that, but it seems that they have become a little bit more than friends. You can probably guess the scenario, the phone calls that hang up, suddenly starting to wear extra-nice clothes and make-up to work, talking about 'him' all the time, etc.

I didn't know what to think. If I was out in the garage when she got home (usually after midnight), he would just drop her off and leave, but if the lights were off in the garage and I was in the house (they thought I was sleeping, I bet) they would sit out in the car, often for twenty minutes or more. I asked her once what they were doing, she said "just talking, you know .... whatever" What does THAT mean, for crying out loud?

So! Last night I decide that I'm going to see what really goes on when she gets home. I leave the garage door open, but turn out all the lights. About the time she usually gets home, I go out and hide in the garage and wait. I have some plant racks on wheels that I move in and out of the garage every night at this time of year, so I hid next to those. In a few minutes, his car pulls into my driveway. When his headlights shine into the garage it illuminates almost everything but me. THAT's when I see something I never thought I'd see, something I'd never have imagined would happen to me, something so bad it's really hard to talk about. Sigh! It looks like the little Ficus bonsai I've been nurturing for years has scale. Which do you think I should use - horticultural oil or a systemic insecticide?


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Gosh Al, I'm so sorry to hear this and I've never had to deal with such a thing...I've heard scale can be quite difficult to get rid of. Good Luck.

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toadlilly(z7/8 ETX)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaHAHAAHAHAHA! Yah, I looked, and you got me!!!! Cj :)

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hornetwife(Flour Bluff Tx Z9)

I'm confused.
"one of the new folks"

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

For any of you guys who think this might be true - it's not. It's a total joke ................. I think. ;o)


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rigo74(7b TX)

New to the forum and had to read your post, great joke and I love the way you came to the grand finale. Sorry to hear about your Ficus bonsai.

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You rascal YOU!!!


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that was really funny."AND THEN I SAW SCALE" LOL

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You got me...LOL... This was hilarious!

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I didn't believe it for a second. YOUR plant wouldn't dare have scale! Sandy

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Hahaha! I am new to this forum and only recently discovered what scale was, because I actually am dealing with a ficus with scale. I wouldnt have appreciated this post before a few days ago but got a good chuckle today. Thanks!

Now off to deal with my poor ficus ;)

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

If it made your day a little better, I'm very glad. Do you have a plan for the scale you're preparing to do battle with?


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