I just saw a really really bad wreck!

tisha_(z7 OKC)October 23, 2006

I was on the highway coming back from lunch and I saw a really bad wreck, right in front of me.

I was in the far right hand lane (there are 3 lanes going each direction) and there was a semi in front of me. There was a Mustang in the middle lane, right beside the semi. Well, the semi went to get over left and the Mustang swerved left. I think it scared him so bad that he swerved too hard, and tried to correct himself. Well, he overcorrected and ended up facing the side of the semi! And went under it!!! And all I can figure is that something under the semi (like a bar or the spare tire or something) hit the front of the Mustang, and swung him back around and then the back of the Mustang went under the semi! Then, it looked like maybe the back tires on the trailer of the semi hit the back of the Mustang. That sent the Mustang donuting into the far left hand lane. THANKFULLY there wasnt much traffic. I had actually just been thinking about how there was no one around me and everything. Thank GOD there wasnÂt!!!

So, anyway, I came to a dead stop as soon as I saw the car heading sideways toward the semi. I called 911 immediately and was freaking out. I couldnÂt even think of where I was! The lady on the phone was asking me where I was and I was just like, "IÂm on I40 going East, IÂm right by the Ford Center, but I have no idea what street that is!" IÂm sure she was thinking, "OMG, shut up!" Anyway, while I was talking to her, both of the guys from the Mustang GOT OUT AND STARTED WALKING AROUND! I was absolutely sure theyÂd be dead. Seriously, it was the worst accident IÂve ever seen. The passenger cut his arm pretty bad, but that was it. And, the airbags in the car didnÂt even go off!

Anyway, I got off the phone with 911 and Keith called and I was telling him everything and saying that I didnÂt know what to do and stuff. I mean, like everyone was completely stopped and there was debris everywhere. So, I just sat there and waited. Then all of a sudden there was a cop from out of nowhere, directing traffic. I donÂt know if he was parked way back and walked to where we were or what. Anyway, he was waving us on, so I hung my head out the window and told him that I saw everything and he told me to pull over. OMG, when I got to where the Mustang was sitting, I was just like, "OMG!" Literally every part of the outside of the car was either ripped off, or dented in. It was crazy.

So, I had to wait around until other cops got there and tell them what I saw. I felt so sorry for the driver of the Mustang. He was so shook up and all he remembered was the semi swerving over into his lane. He just kept saying, "I thought I was dead. I thought I was dead." And he was like, "Did we hit the median? How did the back of the car get smashed up?" and I told him that the semi hit him both ways. You should have seen him! He went WHITE! He was so scared. And to make it worse, we were probably at the highest point of the highway and itÂs totally shaking the whole time youÂre on there, which makes you think youÂre shaking even worse than you are. It was just awful. And, the semi guy was totally saying that he didnÂt swerve and all that. Lord, IÂm probably going to have to go testify or something. Good grief.

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

How horrible Tisha....I can literally picture how scared those gentlemen must have been. What a frightening experience for the guys in the Mustang and for you, sweetie, for having watched it all unfold. I'm glad that they were okay. Thank God.


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lunamoon(5 MA)

I'm glad to hear that everyone was ok. I'd be freaked out if I witnessed an accident like that too. **hug**

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

I know. I just couldn't believe it. And after I left and came back to work, I just kept thinking "OMG, what if they had been really injured, what would I have done?" CHILLS! I don't even want to think!

Like my aunt said, someone must have been watching out for them.

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